10 Futuristic Tech That Will Blow Your Mind

Divya Swaraj

25th Jan'21
10 Futuristic Tech That Will Blow Your Mind | OpenGrowth

Every year it is common to see technologies coming to simplify our lives. They replace the existing technology with newer and more advanced ones. But a few of them simply blow our minds. These new innovations are bound to surprise you as many of them are still in the budding phase and will take some time to come into the mainstream world. Let’s take a look:


1. BMW Electrified Wingsuit

To be able to fly has always been man’s dream, and BMW Electrified Wingsuit has the potential to make this dream into reality. This powered by a 15 kW chest-mounted rig with two carbon impellers. You can fly into the sky at a speed of 186 mph. Its design is compact and promises a never-imagined experience. Click here


2. Open Bionics x Konami Venom Hero Bionic Arm

This technology is for amputees who require mobility in below-elbow and upper limb sections. It works for both adults and children, and even an 8-year old can use it. The arm’s design is inspired by Venom’s Snake- the hero of the Metal Gear Solid V. This can create a revolution in the medical field. Click here


3. Virtuix Omni One VR Treadmill

A virtual reality treadmill that makes you move up, down, side-to-side, and in fact, all 360 degrees. The sensors can detect your movement when you crouch or kneel. It is sort of a video game in which you will end up losing a lot of calories. It’s portable and does not take much of your space, and the product’s overall diameter is 4 feet. Click here


4. Microsoft Autonomous Robots with Azure Cloud

These robots are a technology for a bright future. They run on artificial intelligence and do not require any servers. They respond instantly as they work swiftly with the Azure Cloud platform. They come in a variety of colors and can be customized for personal data use. Click here


5. Ellie Tsang Hello From the Weather Temperature Machine

This device recreates the outdoor weather. It is still a concept product and has a top section that indicates the outside weather through symbols such as sun, clouds, rain, and snow. And to one’s amazing, one can actually feel the exact outdoor temperature at the bottom. This will surely end the debate surrounding “what to wear outside today”. Click here


6. Science Robotics RoBeetle Insect-SizedMicrobot

This futuristic technology runs on methanol. As compared to batteries, methanol can hold more energy per unit volume when compared to batteries. This micro-bot does not require any external power source. It has tiny artificial muscles that help it move like a real-life insect. Click here


7. Sony Spatial Reality Display

This 3-D display provides a lifelike three-dimensional viewing experience with its integrated eye-sensing technology. It also has a high-speed vision sensor that tracks eye movement within a millisecond, sensing position through space on all three axes: vertical, horizontal, and even depth. Click here


8. Handjet EBS-260 Handheld Anywhere Printer

As the name suggests, this printer has a unique ability to print on most materials: wood, lumber, plastic, or cement. Instead of using different printers for different products now, one can use this Handjet and instantly print on it. Click here


9. Reevo Hubless eBike

This eBike comes with 750-watts of power and 500- watt-hour of battery. It has a triple barrier anti-theft system. It also has a long list of gadgets, making it the best of its kind. This includes brake lights, headlamps, turn signals, locks, and even a phone-cradle. There is a provision for a detachable battery in case you need an instant boost. Click here


10. Nike Air Jordan XI Adapt Jumpman Shoes

These shoes come with a self-lacing design that uses power-lacing technology. Though recent in technology, these Air Jordans have kept the design of the original shoes' shape from 25 years ago. They might resemble a retro athletic shoe, but the kicks are in the direction of the future. Click here


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