10 Ways To Have an Impact-full Presence

Presence teaches readers to look at and understand how the mind and body are interconnected. It also elaborates that how the relationship between the two influences our actions and ability to work effectively. Body language and postures have the power to make people into their most confident selves. 

In order to have a strong presence, you need to have a strong conviction in yourself and the stories and words that you tell other people. Let us explain it in this way. It is not usually the best-prepared entrepreneurs that get VC funding for their ventures, but the most confident and passionate ones do. These are the people who tell great stories verbally with empowering body language.

However, it is also most important to have strong confidence and loyalty to your product, only after which you will have confidence in yourself, and your presence will create an impact. This predicts:

  • Drive
  • Willingness to work hard
  • Initiative
  • Persistence
  • Mental activity
  • Creativity 
  • New ideas

Let us understand 10 ways through which you can create an impact-full Presence. 



1. How can you make others believe in your story? 

We express ourselves through feelings, values, behaviors, and thoughts. All these combine to make us ‘self’ which is multifaceted, dynamic, and flexible. 

But, to make others believe in your story you need to have answers to these questions which will discover the best part of yourself. 

  • What three words best describe you as an individual?
  • What is unique about you that leads to your happiest times and best performances? 
  • Reflect on a specific time, at work or home, when you were acting in a way that felt natural and right. How can you repeat that behavior today?
  • What are your signature strengths, and how can you use them?

Another pump into your confidence to create an impactful presence is ‘Self-Affirmation theory’. 

  • Affirm your values and the best parts of yourselves before entering into a situation 
  • Through self-affirmation, you tell your own story to yourself
  • The most common themes in people’s life stories are:

(i) Agency (in control of your own life)

(ii) Communion (life is about relationships/community) 

(iii) Redemption (challenges improving wisdom)

(iv) Contamination (positive beginning becomes a negative end). 

Last, but not the least comes a stage where you have to act with your Presence. 

  • If you want others to believe you, you first have to believe in yourself. Only if you do so, you will be able to present yourself fully. 
  • People feel least present when they feel they are not seen or heard by their peers or environment. So, speak loudly, mark your presence and make others listen to you. 


2. How Presence begets Presence? 

What kind of presence do you want to have while in a group? Do you want to be a loveable fool? Or you want to become a competent jerk, foolish jerk, or loveable star? It is for you to decide. 

To create the right impression, we need to have warmth and competence. Our relationship with others depends on how we maintain equilibrium between the two. For example, we usually think of a person we meet, to be either warm or competent. But we normally don’t think that person maintains both equally and vice versa. 

We broadly divide the people we meet into four categories the ones I mentioned earlier. We can either be lovable fools, competent jerks, foolish jerks, and lovable stars. If we are equally competent and warm, we are lovable stars and people will listen to us, because we are loved. 

We need to remember that the only way to establish TRUST is to be Present. We can make our presence counted only if people will listen to us. We will be heard only if people trust us, we have ample information, they become our ally or we give solutions that help everyone.

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3. What are the don'ts you should shun? 

There are certain factors of our personality that we need to let go of to give an impactful presence. Imposters Syndrome prevents us from being present. 

What is imposter syndrome? 

You tend to become introvert while you are going through this syndrome. You are also low at self-esteem and have bad self-acceptance.

Another factor that affects your presence is Fear of Failure. This is common in people who have achieved something. They dread failure the most. 

So when these thoughts try to creep into your mind, just shun them. 


4. How Powerlessness Shackles self? 

If we are powerless, we feel tied and fear in us multiplies. Powerlessness activates an alarm system. We feel the threat in everything that happens and we tend to lose trust in the people around us. We start weighing things on the basis of their benefits and costs of actions. So, being powerful is very important for our impactful presence. 

If we are in power, we have the ability to exert dominance, control other's behaviors according to our benefit, and also are free from the dominance of others. Personal power allows us to let go of our fears. 



5. How our body language should be? 

 The most important factor to have a markable presence is our body language. Body language influences feelings of personal power. Our voice is the main source of power. Powerful people make more eye contact, speak slower and in a low-pitch voice. We want POWER TO, not POWER OVER. 


6. How to make others confident? 

Just you being confident is not enough. For your power to grow and bring in more people to trust you, you need to build confidence in others as well. 

For this, you need to make decisions that will keep others happy and confident. If a smile makes others happy, there is no harm in doing it. 


7. How your body and mind are connected? 

 Unconsciously, humans pose in many ways that portray their lack of confidence. Your body posture is very important for your presence. There are various poses that describe our levels of power. 

  • High Power Poses

1) Expansive 

2) Open

3) Doing power poses can lead to a boost in testosterone and decrease cortisol

  • Low Power poses

1) Clenched

2) Constricted. 


8. How to Pose for Presence

  • Prepare for events with big power poses
  • Every morning practice your favorite pose for a few minutes
  • Stand at work instead of sitting down
  • Having walking meetings instead of stationary ones. 



9. How Tiny Tweaks Lead to Big Changes

These tiny tweaks play an important role in raising your businesses. 

They help you in taking big decisions. Presence is all about approaching big challenges with no dread, addressing challenges with no anxiety, and leaving challenges with no regret. 


10. How Tiny Tweaks Lead to Big Changes

Ideally, presence means you execute activities with confidence and leave feeling satisfied and accomplished regardless of external outcomes/comments. 


Implement these changes in your life and daily routine and see the changes in your presence and personality. 


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Contributor: Riya Sinha

Riya Sinha is the co-founder of a global online platform for women empowerment - Fuzia.com. Riya's passions are media, business, and feminism.


An artist by heart and a writer by profession, Prachi is a vivacious reader.  She believes in hard work and her dedication has never let her down. She puts her heart and soul in everthing she does. Though life has not been a bed of roses for her, she affirms that the best way to live it is to maintain an equillibrium between the tunes of life.  


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