17 Examples of Inbound Marketing That Drive Sales

Dipannita Roy

14th Nov'22
17 Examples of Inbound Marketing That Drive Sales | OpenGrowth

It is common knowledge today that if you want to attract new consumers and clients, you must use an inbound marketing approach. Providing entertaining and helpful content is a tried and true approach to attracting and maintaining customers. Marketers who regularly give a great range may see an increase in user engagement and return visits.

If a business aims to generate revenue in the graphic design profession, it will try to offer material that will appeal to its target demographic. Some examples include specialist e-newsletters, graphic design books, and videos with step-by-step instructions on sites like YouTube. This blog will give you some of the best examples of Inbound Marketing that can drive sales.



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Before making overt sales pitches, an inbound marketing plan should deliver some advantage to the target audience. This method may be more effective than traditional outbound marketing approaches in bringing new clients to your firm.


  • Create content that will keep your audience interested

The caliber of your content is critical to the effectiveness of your inbound marketing activities. It is hard to succeed if you only write dull content promoting yourself.


Even if you correctly market and optimize this material for search engines, you will be unable to attract new clients. The most outstanding content marketers work hard to ensure their material is valuable at every stage of the buyer's journey

  • Use effective headlines 

Although knowing the customer's path and needs is essential for developing high-quality content, more is required to attract new readers and create leads.


Every piece of writing is most dependent on its headline. This is what will persuade people to visit your website. Spend a lot of time and consideration writing a title that intrigues and draws in your target audience.


  • Visualize your content 

Most individuals are more inclined to pay attention to media that incorporate visual elements. Your content must be more than just text blocks to engage your viewers. Graphic material may greatly aid your inbound marketing efforts.


  • Add infographic 

Not everyone is going to read great but lengthy content about, say, long-tail keywords. A consumer may only want a high-level overview of relevant data presented appealingly.Your article's chances of becoming viral skyrocket if it contains useful information, such as a comparison of the efficiency of mobile advertising across 18 different sectors.


  • Produce at least one white paper in a month


The meaning and purpose of a "whitepaper" are hotly debated topics. The environment in which you work and the goals you establish for yourself will greatly impact the outcome.


A whitepaper, as we'll call it, is a lengthy piece of instructive writing that covers more territory than a typical blog post but is written in a more official tone.In opposition to blog entries, which are more like weekly homework projects, whitepapers are more like term papers.


  • Produce in-depth data-driven articles 

In-depth research and content production is undoubtedly superior to producing brief content that is shallow.Data can take your inbound marketing to the next level.

Even though your material is based on analysis and research, you do not have to come off as stuffy and scholarly.


  • Use Storytelling 


In today's saturated media ecosystem, you must generate material that is diametrically contrary to what is currently available. It would be fantastic if the pieces you created could be combined to form a tale.


  • Put efforts into guest blogging 


According to research, guest blogging is one of the most effective inbound marketing. This increases your chances of being considered seriously, engaging with influential people, and garnering links.


  • Utilize Keyword optimization

You must be an SEO specialist if you want your company to succeed in today's search-driven market.


You must prioritize search engine optimization (SEO) for each website page and piece of content.


  • Use Backlinking 

Backlinks, also known as inbound links, go to your website from somewhere else. You may use a variety of tactics to improve the number of backlinks referring to your content.


  • Giving away free content and helping people


Convincing site visitors to provide you with their email addresses is a critical first step in turning them into leads, but you must use a tried-and-true technique.The ideal strategy is to give out free, valuable items in return for contact information.


A free report or case study might be an excellent lead magnet if your firm caters to other businesses or if your potential clients conduct a lot of research before making a purchase.


  • Host Webinars


Offering free, live instructional webinars is one of the best examples of inbound marketing methods for organizations. Webinars give your customers an overview of how you conduct business.

Furthermore, it will not require the time-consuming research necessary for a report or the complex infrastructure needed for a webinar.


  • Influencer Marketing 


Seventy-five percent of corporations deliberately devote dollars to influencer marketing, and ninety percent of customers feel it is practical advertising.


If performed correctly, this method has the potential to increase brand recognition without incurring any additional costs.


  • Email Marketing 

By now, you must know that email marketing is one of the best inbound marketing strategies, if not the best . Try providing value through your emails instead of having them as click bait.


  • Mobile friendly options 

The content you deliver should always be able to operate on mobile. It will help you convert customers like crazy.


  • Upgrade your content regularly.


The best way to increase the sales generated by your website's published content is to enhance it. Unlike traditional lead magnets, upgrading your content will increase its conversion rates.


  • Split-test your strategies 


A/B testing is an excellent tool for enhancing your marketing strategy, and you should regularly monitor the results.