3 Actions on Website Graphics For a Responsive Website

Sudeshna Dutta

13th Sep'20
3 Actions on Website Graphics For a Responsive Website | OpenGrowth

Do you know that the size of your web page images plays a significant role in the loading time of your website? A loading duration of more than 3 sec can lead the user to switch over to another website. However, worry not! These 3 actions on your graphics and contents can actually help you save those valuable web visitors. So let’s take a look at them.


1. Optimize Your Images


All it takes is an easy layout to make your shots as small as possible.

For example, GIFs are ideal for pics with numerous colorings such as logos. Also, JPEG pix are perfect for pics with heaps of important details and colors, which includes photographs. As for PNG, this is the fine desire if you want transparent, exquisite images.


2. Avoid Scaling Down Images


One of the satisfactory methods to make web sites load quicker is to keep away from scaling down pictures at all costs. Don’t use photos that are bigger than you need, particularly due to the fact you can set the height and width attributes of these factors in the HTML code.


For instance, if you have a 600 x 600-pixel picture as you need a 100 x 100-pixel image, you can without difficulty use an online photograph editor to reshape your photo as needed. The end result is this: a quicker web page loading time.


3. Optimize and Compress Your Content


Have you optimized and compressed your content material yet?

If not, then you have to likely understand that this can have a main influence on reducing the loading instances for your page. All that you have to do is use HTTP compression to convert all of your data into a single, smaller internet file.


Also, you can compress and optimize your CSS and JavaScript documents by combining the two. Then, minify the supply code and go ahead.


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