3 Simple Tricks to Safeguard Your Time And Be Productive

3 Simple Tricks to Safeguard Your Time And Be Productive | OpenGrowth

Tips for better time management and increase in productivity 

Time is precious and we surely do not want to waste it by being unproductive. Like noted therapist Michael Altshuler says, “The bad news is that time flies. But the good news is that you are the pilot.” People manage time according to their capabilities and energy. But some, just abruptly assign tasks for themselves and then struggle hard to fulfill them. You are the pilot of your flying time. The more efficiently you manage time, the more easily you accomplish your tasks. 

However, it is completely agreeable that time management can be difficult. What is serious in your life and what is significant to your life are often very different aspects and prioritizing them can be highly confusing. In this article, let us discuss the simple tricks that will give you more productivity and take less of your time. 

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3 tricks to safeguard your time and be productive

1. List your priorities, do important things first. 

Chaos increases as your day moves on. In this mess, you tend to set up your work haphazardly. It creates a lot of confusion and adds to your stress. This eventually delays your output. So while planning your day, but the most important thing on the top of the to-do list to avoid confusion, stress, and chaos. 

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2.  Set up a system.

Having a strategy of how you will carry out your day will give you a clear and consistent idea of the undertakings you have. This will bring clarity, focus, and control to your work and help you increase your productivity.

3. Focus on one thing at a time.

Concentrate on getting one project completed before switching to the second. People usually think that they’re getting more done by multitasking, but in reality, going back and forward from task to task isn’t effective. 

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