3 Tips for Effectively Using CRM

Supriti Tripathy

15th Apr'21

CRM isn’t rocket science but it can make you a competitive superstar. 

This statement stands valid for any organization running its business today. Customer Relationship Management can be considered an important weapon of an enterprise. A business invests in a CRM system to streamline its operations, explore new business opportunities, build up a customer base and search for more customers. This is a serious challenge for businesses today as, at the end of the day, customer loyalty is the value of your brand. 

However, a survey suggests that about 55% to 75% of CRM implementation projects tend to fail. The reasons could be many as will be given below. It’s time to analyze the scenario and make the best out of these failures. CRM implementation is not just a time-consuming process but also it is an expensive project. If identified early, these failures can be overturned.



crm effective use



Why CRM fails?

  • Poor user adoption: When the learning essentials of new software are not accepted by the employees and they resist it, the software is sure to drown.

  • Lack of Vision: When companies do not have specific targets concerning the implementation of CRM, they tend to lose halfway.

  • Underestimating CRM: Sometimes this process is only considered as a technological solution and the fact that it is there to enhance customer relationships in real-time is overlooked.

  • No plans: When companies delve into the project only to achieve short-term goals, it’s sure to lose its direction.

  • Poor planning: CRM implementation is a long process and it can take years to build and improvise on it. A sequence of user testing, revision, training needs to be conducted the lack of which will lead to its failure.

  • Lack of unity: CRM project requires departments to join hands. Lack of unity in different departments can lead to a deviation in the implementation process.

The above problems are some of the few that depict what can go wrong with implementing CRM. Therefore, to get a 360-degree view of customer relationships and effectively implement your CRM, these are the three very important key reminders.


  1. CRM Customization

Every business operates differently and has different needs. Planning to get a CRM brings you one step closer to your customers but the next step is to customize your project as per your business needs. You must invest in the look and feel of the software. It may sound vague but remember that this application will be the first that your users log in to and the last that they come out of. A theme that aligns with your business structure gives your CRM the right look.

For unity among departments w.r.t CRM, their individual needs should be integrated within the CRM. For example Sales, Marketing, Accounts and other departments require third-party apps to carry out their functions smoothly. The sales team may want to have a CRM plugin like Twilio to call leads and prospects from within the CRM. Similarly may prefer integration of Quick Books software within the CRM to ensure a simple click and generate invoices.

To get the optimum customization done for the success of your CRM project, you can add or delete workflows or modules in the software. You can make custom reports to monitor your employee performances.


CRM use



  1. Updating Database

The database is the gateway to gathering the right information about the people assets of the company. The data it stores is used across the organization for several purposes like campaigns, improved customer service, advertising, and so on. Hence it’s important that the information stored is accurate and updated.

To integrate CRM with database management, it must be accessible to every department of the organization. Not just that, it would need to be implemented in such a manner that the accessibility is easy for employees to maintain records.

For example, sales representatives work in the field most of the time. Hence to update the database with information would require them to sit at the office when they are not in fields and do this extra work. If the company employs mobile CRM, this can be resolved as the software will be easily accessible from anywhere and there won’t be any loss of data. As and when they get any information, they would update it. This leads to effective CRM implementation and the data stays organized, error-free and accurate in real-time.


  1. Impart Training to your Employees

There is only one thing worse than training employees and losing them, and that’s not training them and keeping them. Your employees are your biggest assets and the company’s face. For your CRM’s success, you need to train your CRM users with the essential knowledge and skills for effective utilization. Many times, automation software hasn’t been a great friend to employees.

However, with the company’s strategized training and workshops, employees can be made to see how their input and use of the system can enhance their performances and boost their productivity. Training individual departments at a time is recommended for easier understanding and proper implementation of CRM.



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Look Beyond

Successful Implementation of CRM is much more than just about the software. It unites your employees and system, builds a rapport with your customer, and helps in the expansion of your business. Hence, along with the above-mentioned tips for optimum use of your CRM software, remember to incorporate it with your human judgment and motivate your workforce time and again.



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