4 Ways to Go from Manager to Leader

Ayushi Vanzara

7th Dec'20

Finally, getting the promotion you have extremely worked hard for and longed for but don’t feel accepted by the team members? Yes, we have all been through it. This is an experience every manager hates but a tale one loves to tell.

At that moment, it is probably the worst kind of stressful and disappointing feeling that persists but it is a part of the journey and comes with the job, right?

With that being said, I definitely skipped the part “How one thrives from being a Manager to a Leader” or to simplify, how the respect and approval of the team members can be earned.


Firstly, allow me to help you explain the key difference between a manager and a leader.

A manager is the one who goes by the book(Rules) whereas a leader goes around, through, and by the book. In a nutshell, a manager tells people what to do whereas a leader inspires and motivates people to go above and beyond.

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So now that you know the difference, let’s learn how managers can become great leaders.


Here are the 4 ways to go from Manager to Leader


1. Show people, you believe in them

One of the key strengths of a leader is that they keep team members motivated and that is by pushing them over the edge. Leaders believe in promoting growth and therefore constantly inspire people to do challenging tasks. A leader always encourages people to optimize their potential while rooting for them. They show people they believe in them which keeps them highly motivated.



2. Listen

Learn to listen. One can’t emphasize enough how drastically it improves the productivity of the team. Cultivate a habit to ask team members for their opinions on various projects and invite ideas from all, the experienced ones to the inexperienced ones. When people are heard, they feel invested in the company which keeps their morale high.

One of the ways could be keeping brainstorming sessions at the beginning of every project or conducting weekly team meetings so that they feel their say is welcomed and valued.

3. Set an example by being one

Leaders do everything that is required to get the job done whether it is in their job description or not. To be a leader you need to get your hands dirty which means doing all the jobs from getting copies done to offering someone to do some work when they have too much on their plate.

Everyone has a unique quality in themselves. Observe and learn the unique skill of each employee and use it to your advantage while delegating projects. Make note of which projects challenge your team and which don’t.

Managers have people work for them while Leaders are those who people follow. Now, this shows especially when the company is going through a rough patch, how their leader takes the pitfall sets the tone for employees.

4. Avoid Micromanaging

According to Wikipedia, “Micromanagement is a management style whereby a manager closely observes and/or controls and/or reminds the work of his/her subordinates or employees.”

Know that as a leader, you do not necessarily have to know all the details of the tasks done, rather you should focus on the end result. But ensure regular check-ins and see if any discussion needs to be done.

Giving your team creative freedom not only makes them feel trusted but also improves the overall outcome.


Well, to conclude, leadership directs to achieve the set goals but you certainly do need management skills to make sure you follow through.

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Ayushi is currently pursuing Chartered Accountancy. No secrets there that she loves to read!  She believes words have the power of healing and is a medium that can convey like no other. She hopes to connect with people through her empathy, thoughtfulness, and by adding value to their lives.


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