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5 Sites to Inspire Yourself for a Sustainable Living Lifestyle

Sunny Samanta

20th Feb'21
5 Sites to Inspire Yourself for a Sustainable Living Lifestyle | OpenGrowth

“Any step taken is a great step taken when it is taken for embracing the sustainable living.”

With the rapid increase in global warming and other worsening effects on climate, it was only a matter of time till some of the responsible individuals and groups of people have started rallying for climate control measures. And this has led to some of them search for sustainable ways of living while encouraging others through their sustainable living sites to follow on a similar path. But before we start looking into those  five sites, let’s understand what is sustainable living in the first place?

Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living refers to the type of lifestyle where you aim to contribute towards preserving the natural resources of our earth by reducing the use of it through various means such as your diet, travel, and energy consumption. In this, you don’t necessarily have to alter of way of living all of a sudden but bit by bit. For example, start using eco-friendly products instead of plastic-made ones such as mineral water bottles.

This is a growing movement with more people supporting it by actually setting examples than by preaching about it. It must be noted that since you are not required to change your way of living overnight, you can be a part of this movement from any moment starting from. Besides, any contribution is a great contribution when it is aimed at safeguarding the health of our planet earth.

Now let us look at these great sites which are inspiring sustainable ways of living.

The Humble Co.

The Humble Co is a dental care product maker that aims at delivering efficient, eco-friendly, and quality dental care products for its consumers. Besides, selling dental care products, Humble Co also runs an organization named, the Humble Smile Foundation, where it works towards providing its product to the ones who need them the most.

The Humble Co does this because they believe in putting efforts to make this world a better place than it is now. They avoid wasting any sort of time on designing any superficial and flashy products and rather keeps designs simplistic and efficient. This site provides a great example of putting up premium products that can be effective and sustainable at the same time.


Sustainable way of living



As the name suggests, this site mostly creates garments and shoes. But what separates Attirecare from many others is their approach to creating their products as they understand that mass producing lessens the care each product receives. So, while they practice slow fashion, they also ensure that their products are not only eco-friendly but also are ethically made as well as biodegradable.

Apart from delivering quality products to its consumers, Attirecare also provides detailed instructions that could be applied to their product to ensure that its quality is preserved for long without harming our mother earth.

My Little Eco Shop

Just a little over a year old, My Little Eco Shop was launched in January 2020. And within this short span of time, it has been able to come up with varieties of products that are not only eco-friendly but also affordable and attractive.

This is like the best place to start your sustainable way of living as My Little Eco Shop not offers varieties in healthcare products but also homecare products as well. There are both effective skincare products and kitchenwares including durable and reusable cleaning products in the My Little Eco Shop. So, do check this website if you want to look for a range of eco-friendly and sustainable products to add to your lifestyle.


This ain’t as wild as our messy toilets but definitely, the one to make our toiletries practices sustainable finally. Yes, Wild makes eco-friendly toiletries products. They are a great source of sustainable resources when it comes to designing their product. For example, the deodorants they sell are 100 percent natural deodorants. But that is not just it. Those deodorants come in a case that is designed to be refillable as well as reusable.

With them being able to change the outlook of product that was for long considered as a one type use product case they have made a huge impact in the sustainable ways of living lifestyles. To further their cause, while selling their product, their offer a recurring subscription for us to opt-in.

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Bower Collective

Bower Collective has drawn its inspiration for supporting sustainable living by the Bowerbird. Bowerbird recycles the colored plastic scraps to decorate their nest. Similarly, the Bower Collective aims at creating the best products to help us build our sustainable homes.

The Bower Collective products completely display the ability to be recycled, refilled, and reusable as well. Besides that, they are made up high quality, long lasting, and sustainable materials. They want to get rid of all the single use harmful plastics.

So, like them, you can join them in supporting sustainable living by completely refraining from using any single use plastics.

With this we have come to the end of this sustainable, I hope so, article. Also, remember any step taken is a great step taken when it is taken for embracing sustainable living.

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