7 Essential Qualities of Effective Feedback 


18th Nov'21

Feedbacks are appreciated only when they are good. Sometimes giving genuine feedback can create friction between you and your team. As a leader, it is your responsibility to enhance the qualities of your team members in order to get good results. There is always a necessity for feedback culture in the organization. For this, giving them proper feedback about their performance becomes mandatory. Here, constructive feedback plays an important role to boost your team members. 

Delivering the feedback in the right way, in the right language does make things easy. Therefore, feedback is a perfect tool for the overall growth of your business. Then why do we find it difficult to deliver feedback? 

The article will tell you about the importance and the essential qualities of giving effective feedback.


Why does feedback go wrong?

There are several reasons for wrong or negative feedback. One of the major reasons is strong emotions on both sides. Also, lack of clarity about the changes, more focus on the character rather than behavior are some other factors. But, above all the tone of your voice and body language can have a huge impact on the way it is received. 

Karen Wright, a psychologist  in Psychology Today said,  “ What hurts most in negative feedback, then, isn’t the overt content of the message so much as the threat of exclusion, abandonment, and ostracism that accompanies it” 


Effective Feedback Qualities


How to give effective feedback? 

Feedback can have a large impact on the receiver. Now that we know, the importance and why the feedback goes wrong, it becomes important to understand how to give an effective feedback. Effective feedback needs to be specific, meaningful, and logical. 


1. It should be specific 

Jumbled feedback leads to misunderstandings.  According to psychologist Victor Lipan, “ Feedback should have a clear business focus.” It should not be based on individual perceptions. All the personal grudges must be kept at bay. Effective feedback is important for a long-term goal instead of being generic. 


2. Keep your feedback constructive

For example, telling someone they have failed in a particular task, will make the receiver feel there was no point in trying. This can lead to hostility. Rather than bursting on them, tell them, how to make this better, what is not working here, we can fix this together, etc.. It will encourage a growth-oriented mindset and build a strong relationship. 

The problem should be presented with the solution. Provide your team members with tools that direct them in the right direction. Remember, actions have the power to change and indeed it is a very important part for effective feedback. 


3. Effective feedback is always goal-oriented 

Step by step you are getting a big picture and more clear idea about the importance of effective feedback. But do you know, feedback is not all about advice, praise, or evaluation? There is more to its core.

Author Grand Wiggin explains the importance of goal-oriented feedback by stating “ Effective feedback requires that a person has a goal, takes action to achieve the goal, and receives goal-related information about his or her actions”

Feedback is advised to be to the point about the goal you have to achieve as an individual and a team. The feedback should consist of the points on how to work towards your goal and how you will achieve that particular goal. 


Effective Feedback


4. Never criticize 

Sometimes failure can leave them with the feeling of incapability. Therefore, keep in mind, never criticize the person, always criticize the action or their work. Effective feedback is always about one’s action. 

Author Babauta explained it by saying “ Never criticize the person. Always criticize the actions and when you are making suggestions, make suggestions about action, not about the person. Keep the feedback informational and above all believe that your feedback has the power to change." 


5. Be transparent about consequences 

Not being transparent about the consequences of work is also not considered healthy feedback. This may lead to misconceptions among your team members.  When you are working as a team, many times you can not resist negative consequences. So at that time it becomes necessary to tell your team about the consequences of the negative result and delayed work. At times mounting pressure is what makes things work. 


6. Feedback should never be negative 

For obvious reasons, negative feedback can damage your terms with the team. In case of negative feedback, giving effective feedback becomes tough. Therefore people remain quiet and prefer not to give any feedback. But this is not the solution! Make a frame in your mind about the things that need to be suggested to the person.

You can give feedback in the position of power. Although, if you have a fear of giving negative feedback, then elaborate your teammates about everything, before starting the project. How you frame the task in the first place can directly impact the feedback you receive.  

Qualities of effective feedback


7. The routine work 

Giving effective feedback should be in your routine work, as a leader. Keep it simple and easy to understand for your team. If the work is done well never forget to appraise and if it is not done accordingly try to give constructive feedback with proper solutions. 

Ed Batista, Executive Coach at Stanford Graduate School of Business explained it by saying “If you are having a feedback conversation every week, there is less to be surprised by and more opportunity to modify your behavior”.



Feedback is termed the biggest gift anyone can receive. It makes your team members happy, inspires change, and is powerful. The way learning is a big part of life so is effective feedback for any job. Sometimes it can be challenging and confusing. But it is an asset that will lead to a better team, better work, and obviously a better output.


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