7 Essential Skills You Need to Succeed

Sunny Samanta

30th Mar'21
7 Essential Skills You Need to Succeed | OpenGrowth

“Leaders are the epitome of patience and perseverance.”


They are either born with it or have nurtured it in themselves. You can tame the lions, but you cannot tame them. There are ones in the wolfpacks who put themselves in danger the most. They believe in their success to be a by-product of the success of the people who are with them. So, who are they? And what I’m trying to convey about them? 

They are individuals everywhere around us, from being in a business meeting to being with people they cannot gain anything from. They don’t seek a way for themselves but rather become the way for others to succeed. They can be your friend or your teacher, they are more than just a preacher. They lift you when you cannot lift yourself, they are the creator, the pathbreaker, the one who can keep the candle in the face of the storm burn brighter, they are the people’s hope, they are the leader.




Leaders and Leadership Skills

Yes, I was talking about the leaders and the leadership skills they often possess. But more than the skills they have, it is how they use it to uplift an otherwise drastic circumstance that makes them a leader. Also, it is no secret that some are born to become a leader like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and Abraham Lincoln but others inculcate in themselves the skills that it takes to become one such person like Elon Musk. 

Knowledge about these skills becomes all the more important if you are running a startup or a company with a team working for you. Simply put, the more you practice these leadership skills, the better the result you can achieve along with your team. And sometimes, the results can turn up positively sooner than expected. With that been said, people often wonder what are the essential leadership skills one needs to succeed. And this is exactly, you can learn about in this article. So, continue reading.


7 Essential Skills You Need to Succeed

When it comes to skills that can exponentially increase the chances of you and your business to succeed, there are lots of them. But here, we will be discussing 7 important ones that are the most impactful. The reason being all of these 7 skills, listed below, somehow works in tandem to help you reach closer or attain your goals most effectively. So, let’s look at them one at a time, starting with “Shared Vision.”


Shared Vision


Shared Vision

This skill refers to the prime objective or the goal that made you take the path you are likely in, i.e., building something to achieve something. Like I mentioned above, it could be either a company or a startup or something similar to it that requires a team or a group of people to make it work. It is the vision, right. You must have had the vision to attain something and the most effective way to get there successfully, you should concentrate on working with people who can either relate or share your vision. When you work with a group of people, everything else becomes a lot easier than otherwise. For example, effective communication is also the second skill that must have essential skills to succeed.


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Effective Communication

If you are a leader, then effective communication is more than an essential skill for you to succeed. It is an asset, the ultimate choice of weapon to win the war you are fighting against. As communication allows you to interact with your team well, but effective communication allows you to explain all the ideas and thoughts in the most powerful and visionary manner. It can be said that effective communication plays the role of an amplifier to drive the cause you have undertaken.


Relationship Building Skill


Relationship Building

The next skill in this chain of effective skills you should have to succeed in relationship building. Creating and fostering a relationship with one’s team or client is a hallmark of an effective leader. This is because it takes time, effort, patience, and even emotions to build a relationship with your employee, team, or clients. And this is something that cannot be overlooked by them. Relationship building skills can make people look up to you and even inspire them to go beyond the call of duty.


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Time Management

Coming out of the realms of the interpersonal skills that are vital for your chance to succeed, let’s look at some of the other skills that can help you stand out in the crowd as an inspiring figure to look up to or learn from. And let’s start with one of the most discussed topics everywhere, i.e., time management.


Time Management Skill


The world may be unbalanced in many forms such as wealth and knowledge but it has something that everyone has equal rights. Any guesses? Yes, I’m talking about time. Time management is often considered an important skill for employees. But it is far more important for a leader to possess the skill of time management. As they not only have to complete their work on time, they even have to ensure that their team members also complete their work on time to avoid any sort of delay. Also, they have to continuously steer their company in the right while avoiding pitfalls.

Hence, you must practice time management to effectively distribute your time everywhere it is needed to be as much as effective as possible. Also, to learn more about time management, you can even check 5 Time Management Apps and Why You Should Use Them?



Isn’t it obvious that time management requires commitment towards the said act? But for a leader, commitment is more than the ability to learn the management of time. As only a committed person can make all the other listed skills above work to attain success. When you are committed to a cause, there is rarely a thing that can stop you and your employee from being successful. Also, commitment is infectious as it can draw out the commitment of people in your team and interest clients to continue to invest in your work.



Commitment is a key to gaining the trust of your leader and vice versa but this is a more important skill for a leader. A leader who has the trust of their employees or clients will more likely have a steady race to the chequered flag. Being a trustworthy person is a sign of integrity and honesty and when people see them in a person they are working for or working with they grow more committed to the cause and even take risks. Thus, ensuring that you are destined to succeed most likely.


problem Solving Skill


Problem Solver

“They don’t seek a way for themselves but rather become a way for others to succeed.” Remember this sentence I mentioned above? It was in this context where to essentially succeed as a person or a leader you need to be an effective problem solver. As the path to success undeniably is filled with problems ranging from your team-related to your client-related. The more you can solve problems arising in your company or startup while maintaining the same team and clients, the more you can grow as a leader and inspire others to stay committed to your vision that comprises the first essential skill you need to succeed.



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