7 Podcasts That You Need to Listen to Right Now!

Sudeshna Dutta

3rd Dec'20
7 Podcasts That You Need to Listen to Right Now! | OpenGrowth

By now, we’re all worn-out of Zoom calls and webinars. So, when your eyes want a break, why now not take a look and try your hands on a podcast? Resourceful, entertaining, or thought-provoking it may be, podcasts let you select precisely what you choose to hear and inspire you to hear on your very own time.


No dealing with password-protected assembly invites or sitting through digital keynotes — simply the exceptional content you want on every occasion you’re prepared to listen to it.


Also listening to podcasts can be a great way of dealing with your work-life balance. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is not only essential for fitness and connections, but it can additionally enhance your productivity and your performance in daily work.


Here are some greater motives why work-life stability is vital and how to achieve them. Read more about work-life balance at OpenGrowth.


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Although high-quality podcasts are well worth every minute, horrific ones make each minute sense like 10. If you prefer to get the most from your podcast time, don’t waste your time and give pain to your ears on useless hosts or stupid topics.


Get the most from each by optimizing your downtime with attractive content material that gives you good leisure time, enlightens you, or helps you take a break for a while.


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7 Podcasts that deserves your time

Here are the top podcasts you need to give you precious time to:


1. Home Cooking

For many, quarantine grew to become a probability of fine-tuning their abilities in the kitchen. Everyone desires to eat, so taking some of your precious time to boost your cooking capabilities with a pinch of help from the top chefs is continually a profitable investment.


Listen to Samin Nosrat (host of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat) and his co-host Hrishikesh Hirway as they assist you to figure out what to prepare for dinner and how to cook. Pleasant conversations and humour mixed with meal insights to supply a can’t-miss podcast time for local cooks of all talent levels.


Learning to cook dinner can also now assist you to grow an enterprise or get a promotion, however, if you’re going to feed yourself anyway, you may add, as well do a proper job of it. Click here to listen to the Home Cooking podcast.


2. HawkeTalk

Great tales make the world go crazy, and HawkeTalk is stuffed with some of the biggest testimonies from the biggest successful people. Host Erik Huberman, the CEO of Hawke Media, goes live in the back of the scenes to expose the testimonies of the world’s most motivational entrepreneurs, authors, athletes, actors, and more.


HawkeTalk is a more recent service, so you nonetheless have time to seize up with the names to make a crowded backlog. Do listen to former NFL linebacker Shawne Merriman’s part, describing his challenging experience to reach the top.


Then see what has motivated the CEO of Gravity Payments Dan Price to follow his vision. Be positive to take a look at Gary Vaynerchuk’s episode to know how the entrepreneur received his shoveling driveways right from the age of seven-year. Click here to listen to the HawkeTalk podcast on Spotify.


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3. Entrepreneurs on Fire

First of all no, this is not a model of Hot Ones aimed at entrepreneurs. Rather than consume spicy wings and strive to stand up to the pain, entrepreneurs show up on Entrepreneurs on Fire to disclose the untold stories, successful and failed strategies, and worldviews that helped them develop their businesses.


Past visitors have covered Tony Robbins, Amy Porterfield, and around 2,000 more. Whether you’re yourself an entrepreneur, a professional, or anyone who simply enjoys splendid testimonies about terrific people, don’t let this podcast slip by.


It may additionally be tough to capture up with around 2,000-plus episodes earlier than New Year’s, however, don’t let the catalogue demotivate you. Find a few of the names you know, then kick again and pay attention to tales you would have suspected. Click here to listen to the Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast.


4. Decoder Ring

If you ever notice yourself daydreaming about queries that pop out, “I surprise what…” then this is the podcast for you. A host named Willa Paskin brings a wonderful method to reply to nagging cultural queries that vary from the mundane to the unique ones.


Never ought to determine out why “Karen” grew to be the most famous insult of 2020? Too afraid to ask about the records of unicorn poop? Wondering what befell to the time period “metrosexual” and the rankings of humans who embraced it? Whatever your inquisitiveness is, Decoder Ring likely shares it and is inclined to reveal the mystery. Click here to listen to the Decoder Ring podcast.


5. Bodies

Despite the reality that all of us have a body, all our bodies appear to work in another way and face distinct problems. Every different man or woman has a story about the trouble that scientific gurus had hassle diagnosing. Some, of course, have extra hassle than others.


Bodies follow the trickiest testimonies to furnish a realistic but private examination of memories of a female who has struggled to get the proper analysis or treatment. This podcast now not solely brings some sobering and essential insights into the scientific world; however, it challenges every one of us to have a look at our biases.


Why do we assume what we do of others? How do we determine what to accept as true and what to worry about? Bodies is a masterclass in notion management to help you reply to these questions and more. Click here to listen to Bodies podcast.


6. HBR IdeaCast

In case you had been unaware, Harvard Business Review tends to entice some pretty clever people. HBR IdeaCast offers listeners a direct line to these clever people’s brains with episodes on the whole lot from far-flung administration to trauma recovery.


The hosts are no longer all Fortune five hundred CEOs, either. Megan Rapinoe, U.S. women’s soccer celebrity, and World Cup champion, shared her ideas on management and allyship beforehand this year.


Two distinguished psychologists joined along for an episode to debate in opposition to the contemporary thought of work-life stability for working parents. Click here to listen to the HBR IdeaCast podcast.


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7. Reply All

Reply All is a wonderful podcast describing the internet. Kind of. In reality, Reply All begins with a focal point on technology, then makes use of that as a launching pad to discuss all matters of modern-day existence and the approaches in which science has reshaped what its potential to be as a person.

The podcast has more than a hundred and fifty meaty episodes to dig into. However, new listeners can take a look at the Where to Get Started web page for a curated series of some of the show’s best.


It would be not possible to cowl the variety of strangeness that Reply All manages to scrap out from the corners of the human journey in one paragraph. Push off the deceptively monotonous title and dive right in headfirst. You can thank yourself later after listening to this podcast. Click here to listen to the Reply All podcast.


Final Thought on the podcasts you should be listening to

Many years ago, humans would have paid the top amount for the insights that podcasts provide away for free today. Why let all that price go to waste?


Listen to a podcast whilst you exercise, take a walk, prepare your lunch or dinner, or tune out of a Zoom or google meets you didn’t want to attend in the first place. Your eyes need to take a break, and your mind will thank you for the exchange of pace.

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