7 Things One Should Do With A New Laptop

Falak Chandna

30th Jun'21

You prefer laptops because of their portability. Wherever you go, you can carry your assignments, coursework, or your leisure interests. Right?

But even if you are a specialist in computing or just a casual customer, you can't uncrate a second-hand laptop. Further, as we all know, people today are hooked up to appliances, from smartphones to tablets and even personal computers. Every time, unlocking a brand new laptop will always sound like an exciting task to look up to.

Moreover, when people purchase a new laptop, the old ones ultimately stop running or just get sluggish and nothing seems to be better than a new, clean and, of course, very fast, and fresh laptop.

So, whatever could be your reason to purchase a new laptop, maybe to replace an outdated one or just to get an updated version to reward yourself, don’t you think you should spend a little of the precious time to make the most of your experience along the way? 

So, if that makes you ready?


Few Things That One Should Always Take Care Of After Buying A New Laptop

One Should Always Take Care Of After Buying A New Laptop


Upgrading The Operating System

Among the first measures, what you can do is to upgrade the operating system. 

If you don't buy the laptop when it is released, later it is possible that you may not get the updated version. It is advised to upgrade to the latest version to ensure your laptop is free from any bugs, as critical adjustments and corrections appear across every up-to-date version.

To perform this, For Microsoft Versions, Go to Settings > Update & Security on Windows 10 and click Check for updates. On the other hand, if you have a Mac, click on the top-left corner of the Apple menu and choose System Preferences > Software update.


Uninstall The Bloatware

Many laptops already come with preloaded apps. It sometimes really appears to be handy, and you just want to maintain this program. But in most cases, we call the program bloatware. This software is normally supplied as software demonstrations or stupid games that you would make little use of. In other ways, you will also discover apps on your new laptop that will just try to market things. Bloatware is irritating, often useless and uses frequent computing resources. 

To avoid this, visit the control panel of your services and rid yourself of everything not necessitated. That will make your laptop faster and easier to access.


Anti-Virus Softwares - A Necessity

You must have a strong security program built on your server in this age of cyberattacks, which involve viruses, spyware or ransomware threats. While windows come with preloaded software to secure, i.e., Windows defender security, third-party virus control software must still be installed. 

It offers much more authentication methods, including real-time defense, malware, spyware and plenty more that constantly holds the protection wall up for your laptop.


Preparation For Anti Theft


Preparation For Anti Theft


Next on the list that you're defending yourself from is theft. You'd not only lose your laptop, but possibly all data about everything, in case someone stole your laptop. If you understand why it is essential, one should include actions to recover it.

The integrated feature in Windows 10 is labeled in Settings > Update & Security > Find My Computer. See System Preferences > Apple ID and click iCloud from the sidebar for similar functionality on macOS. Make doubly sure you've unlocked Find My Mac in this.


Control Heat Damage

Laptops are normally more heat-sensitive than other devices. Desktop cases are big enough to fit well, and tablets might not have to think about the entering of dust particles. 

And meanwhile, many laptops have bad airflow and many places to collect dust. This needs to be taken care of. 

A lack of drainage of dust particles leads over time to an excessive amount of heat generation in laptops. This can lead to the underperformance of the processor in an attempt to reduce heat, resulting in lower resource usage. Excess heat will indeed shorten the life of the internal storage drive and unnecessarily reduce battery charge power.

One most important hack involving controlling heat damage for an electrical device like a portable computer is not using the tapestry, bedding, sofa, and even your lap. Set it on a determined, smooth surface to reduce the intake of particles.


Automated Backup

You should configure automatic backups on laptops because this is a remarkable function to secure your valuable information. An integrated windows OS feature that allows you to backup data from your hard drive and then recover it is present in your system, you just need to identify it. 

And to your surprise, here is the idea to build a personalized backup, - browse Windows Settings>Update and Security. The most effortless hack you will ever get.



Most current users aren't convinced with only a laptop's touch screen. For this, you can purchase an external mouse which is easy to use. To discover your favourite songs, you can purchase headphones as well. 

We highly recommend that if you use the laptop on your bed, to drain away from the heat correctly, use it with a laptop cooling pad. And off course, lamination and a cover pack for your laptop can keep your laptop safe and allow it to work for a longer time. 


Well, is there something that you believe we missed here?

If you think about something else that can be done with a modern portable computer, let us know in the comments below. We would love to see the headline of this article get changed to 10 things, or maybe even 20 would be good, don't hesitate. 

As always, the more, the better. The aim is to list what people should do to ensure that their asset allocation is ready for internet use every day. 

So just chime in and let us know all about your considerations for the same subject matter!!

Also, Congratulations on bringing a new laptop home!!

We, at OpenGrowth, are committed to keeping you updated with the best content on the latest trendy topics from any major field. Also, both your feedback and suggestions are valuable to us. So, do share them in the comment section below.

From the cloudiest days to enchanting nights, she holds the fire in her belly and the zeal in her eyes. 
Falak is an astonishing content writer and a former event manager. The craze for creativity runs in her blood and to bring the change in the human mindset is what she believes to stand for.  She yearns to contribute to society with all her knowledge and her experiences throughout.


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