8 Skills to Keep You Relevant in The New World of Work

Sunny Samanta

14th Jun'21
8 Skills to Keep You Relevant in The New World of Work | OpenGrowth

Courtesy of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are at the dawn of the New World of Work. Back in early 2020, when the world was unaware of what was about to happen, it relied on specific working methods. The most common being the infamous 9 to 5 mundane routine that had people harping about it in bios, books, public speeches, etc. Then "Boom" coronavirus said, "Hello," and everything the world of work relied upon went south.


Come 2021, the world of work has been steadily recovering from the effects of the ongoing pandemic. Somewhere the things have even returned to "somewhat normal." For instance, organizations took up remote working as their current alternative to 9 to 5 shifts. But, it appears that the world isn't going back to the old ways of work. As a result, we just have entered the New World of Work with something from the pre-pandemic and something from the ongoing recently evolved ways of working. Now, people used to the old world of working may struggle unless they start focusing on these eight key skill areas.


Video presentation


Master Your Video Presentation

"I can't be on camera," "I hate cameras." Everyone knows that one person who says such things. In public life, it may not be a problem. However, people will have to change their instance of showing up on a camera when it comes to the New World of Work. As in the era of video conferences, interacting via emails, text, and instant messages won't be enough. 


Organizations have started to pick up video as an alternate way of communication when people are remote working. It allows for better communication where the client or the employer can effectively observe the employee's body language. Besides, it makes for an easy way to connect and engage on a topic simultaneously. As a result, "Google Meet" and Zoom meetings have become the conference room for meetings and even interviews. Therefore, you must drop that camera phobia and start mastering your video presentations unless you want to risk your career progress.


Online Meeting


Adapt to the Meeting Technology

As mentioned above, the Google Meet and Zoom meetings have become the new conference halls; others like it. The company can ask you to join them through any of these applications for an appointment. Other platforms such as Webex and Microsoft Teams may be more complicated to operate than Google Meet. However, to stay updated with the New World of Work, you will have to master all of these new rising technologies. For example, knowing how to mute, use your mic, and even make presentations are vital things that are a must for every person working somewhere or looking for work.


Listening is a Skill


Listening is an Art to be Mastered

Unless the person has a boss, listening has become a lost art. It is a common belief that not many people are great listeners. But truth be told, listening is an essential form of communication, and in the New World of Work can be more important than speaking. Listening allows you to understand better what your manager or client wants from you. But since online communication is filled with numerous distractions and sometimes network issues, it becomes essential to become a better listener. Besides, being a better listener does help with developing a good reputation with both your uplinks and downlinks.


Virtual Network


Social Media

Gone are the days when social media was all about celebrities and their fan following, people, and making friends worldwide. Today, social media is much more than that. It has become an essential tool for growing business and even finding work from the comfort of your bed at home. Companies see it as a place for advertisement, branding and a great alternative to offline marketing. The social media boom has even helped exceptionally with increased employment roles. As a result, becoming a digital expert can easily land you a job and keep you relevant in the New World of Work.


Lead Online Meetings

Pre pandemic, you may have had a fabulous presence in the conference room where you had mastered the ways of staying the center of attention. However, when it comes to online meetings and video conferences, things have changed a bit. Here, elements in play are different than in any conference room meeting. For example, participants in the discussion may have restrictions and even distractions while connecting from their homes. So, you may have come up with different strategies and might put extra effort to keep them engaged pleasantly. Hence, it has now become more critical that you learn more about conducting online meetings efficiently.





There was a time when coaching was restricted to some of the organization and money factors. But today, due to social media, coaching has become more accessible and essential. Therefore, every career-minded professional should either have a coach or coach to get the most out of their people or themselves. Besides, it empowers people to do better at their jobs. Also, coaching is no longer a one-time thing but a regular act in the lives of people who aspire to stay relevant in the New World of Work and improve.




Need to Focus More

Earlier, when people were more used to workplaces, focusing on their work was difficult due to lack of distractions. However, now with the growing remote work culture, distractions have become a root cause for drop-in performance and burnout. In addition, when you are working, it becomes easier to multitask and, therefore, be less focused on one thing. Hence, it is required that you prioritize your ability to focus more to deliver a higher quality of work constantly.


Virtual Networking is a Blessing

Ask any introvert about virtual networking, and you may see them smiling for the first time. Virtual networking is a blessing for introverts and others as well. It gave us comfortable access throughout the world to create our network of people from various fields and expertise. We can say that what once started as a "Friend Request" is now seen as a way to connect with people of expertise who can be hired or from whom you can learn a thing or two to boost your career. Moreover, people tend to find it more comfortable than face-to-face networking and can have more engaging communication without the fear of being judged.


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