8 Steps To Plan Christmas Marketing Campaign

Jyotshana Rani

24th Dec'20

Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas is knocking at your door already! And you still have no plan for marketing campaigns?

Do not worry! You are not that late. We bring you some quick tips and tricks for the Christmas Marketing Campaign.


8 easy Steps For Christmas Marketing Campaign:


1. Set Campaign Goals and Understand Customer Behavior

You can not just start working from anywhere. First, you need to set your goals on Christmas marketing and then act accordingly to achieve that goal. Visit your last year's campaign, see this year's competition, market, and economic factors then set your goals.

Now, when the goal is set, you need to understand your customers' buying patterns. Many shoppers do their research online before buying things. So, identify the time and devices from where your audience discovers you. Then plan to enhance their shopping experience easier.


Consumer Behaviour in marketing and its importance

Consumers are one of the most important factors on which the success or failure of your business depends. So, it becomes important to know about their buying decisions. Consumer behavior means the study of consumer mapping, how consumers make buying decisions and what influences those decisions while deciding to buy a product that satisfies their needs. Some biggest brands have spent billions studying consumer behavior on standing against consumer mapping.


2. Segment your Audience

People are very particular about buying gifts for their close ones, and they want the best for them. In their gifts hunt, they are open to visit and try new retailers as well. And it's a great chance for you to set up your site in a way so that you can leverage both customer retention and customer acquisition.

Make different categories for gifts as Christmas marketing great sale for brothers, mothers, last-minute gifts, etc. So that they can quickly choose one from them when in a hurry. Most of us tend to buy a last-minute gift, it will save your customer’s time. Provide a clear and informational message with your branding activities and give them a good shopping experience.


3. Work on the Christmas Offers



The first thing which comes to our minds during Christmas is the festive season offer as Christmas marketing. When your objective and target audience are finalized, it's time to work on creating offers to attract customers.

Check your competitors' sites and work on the value you can add to the shopping experience of the target audience by introducing discounts, reward points, loyalty bonuses, free shipping, specialized packaging, etc.


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4. It’s time to Decorate Your Online Store & Social Media Profiles

When you visit the stores during festive seasons, you must have seen them decorated beautifully. Your site also must be decorated according to the theme to give holiday spirit. Add elements of ribbon, snowman, reindeer, Santa, and others to match your site with the Christmas theme.

You can update your social media brand’s profile and cover photos with festive-inspired visuals. Also, you can highlight Christmas marketing offers on the cover photo. This will gain the attention of customers. You can even use red and green colours to represent the spirit of Christmas.


5. Share Your Work Across Social Media

Now, when your site is ready to welcome the customers, let people know about it. But how to do that?

There are 3.8 billion Facebook users, 100 million active users on Instagram, LinkedIn has 610 million, and 291 million on Pinterest. There you go! You have a huge audience to reach out to build your brand.

Share these offers to your elves, fans, loyalists, brand ambassadors in exchange for some rewards for them. Start a hashtag trend and ask them to help build a brand by sharing the message to the audience.

These activities will create a buzz in the market about your brand and offers. 


How to Promote Your Business with Social Media Contest

Social media contests are an effective way to boost your brand’s awareness, product, and services online with a minimal promotional budget. Not only that, but it is also one of the best ways to engage your audience. Get to know Click here.

6. Paid Promotions

No matter how much you try, you can attract a limited audience with free promotions. As you have done hard work for the campaign, it’s time to spend some money and attract audiences.

Paid promotions will give you to reach a large audience in a short time span. Various platforms, different ads, various copies, and designs can be used to maximize traction.

There are different ways to promote your brand over different platforms, such as, for Facebook you can run a Facebook boost campaign, google has google adword, LinkedIn business manager access helps you in doing the same.

Do check the amount you can spend on paid promotions, consider your competitors' promotional ideas, and then work accordingly.


7. Post-Christmas Activities



Christmas is over, but that does not mean that your campaign ends here. Remember, the new year is knocking at the door, and people are still in a festive mood.

So, what to do? Shopping season is still going, so extend the discount offer, bring the end-of-season sale offers, and let the shoppers have some more fun!

You can even put out some charity campaigns. It will attach your customers through an emotional chord and attract more customers as they know whatever they are buying, they are indirectly contributing to a good cause.


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8. Analysis & Report

Christmas is over, the new year is over as well. Now comes the time to check the result of the campaign. Analyze the whole campaign and make a report based on the analysis. You will get the answer to some important questions like, have you succeeded? Has the objective been fulfilled? How much do we maximize sales? Have the goals achieved? And many more.

All of this will give a clear picture of what worked in your favor and what not. Also, this data can be used for next year's campaign. 


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