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A List of Apps That Everyone Over 50 Should Have On Their Phone

A List of Apps That Everyone Over 50 Should Have On Their Phone | OpenGrowth

If nothing, the pandemic has definitely taught us to survive on our phones, and why not, after all, it was the only source of information and entertainment for most people. It’s been a year now since the coronavirus entered our country, and suddenly it seems that the world stopped. Everything froze in its place, be it a material or a human, and it was the wise thing to stay wherever you are if you want to avoid this deadly virus. 

In such a situation, our mobile phones have become a major part of our lives. From ordering groceries online to connecting with our family, it was the only option. But, it’s not just about the pandemic; phones have anyway become a very important part of our lives.

According to mobile usage statistics, there are estimated 6.6 billion people that uses mobile phones out of which almost 22% are seniors. Seniors today are more engaged than ever. And there are several apps available to support social connection, monitor health and fitness, and improve mental acuity while on the go.

So, why not bring a positive change in our lives from a thing which is told to have a negative impact. Yes, it is a mobile phone. We have come up with a list of apps that you must have on your phone. Let us see what they are.


Apps above 50 should have


Apps that everyone over 50 must have:

1. MapMyWalk

Walking is one of the easiest exercises which gives you multiple health benefits. It not only helps you build strength in your muscles and bones but also boosts your mood. Also, it lowers the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. 

MapMyWalk is a walk tracking app that helps you keep track of your distance, pace, and calories and also gives personalized coaching tips. The app is compatible with iOS as well as Android. click here.


  • You can see a map of the area as soon as you start a workout. The map allows you to explore and find a new way to get back to your starting position by seeing the path you've taken.

  • You can see the time, the distance you covered. Also, you can check your pace, speed, elevation, and calories burned.

  • The app gives you audio feedback by announcing your distance, pace, calories burned, and other data.

  • It’s not just about walking; you are open to tracking more than 600 different activities.

 2. Insight timer

Stress is like a termite that seems small but makes you hollow from the inside. And stress comes free with isolation. Insight Timer helps you deal with your stress, anxiety, and sleep issues. The app has over 15,000 guided meditations, 10k teachers & the popular timer. You can keep the length of the timer as per your wish, add bell tones, ambient sound, and ending bell for your meditation. click here.

Apart from that, there are a number of groups that offer space for members to share their thoughts on topics like daily gratitude or lucid dreaming.

3. Magnifying Glass + Flashlight

When you have crossed 50, you generally develop eyesight problems. If not, count it as one of your achievements because nowadays almost everyone has one of the eyesight issues. The Magnifying glass with a flashlight (LED Torch Light) helps you with all the required reading needs. Using the app you can read the text without your glasses on. The app allows you to zoom in and out as per your comfortability to read text on menus, labels, and owners’ manuals. The app is available for Android click here as well as iOS for more update click here


  • You can read the tiniest print clearly

  • Can easily read restaurant menus 

  • The contrast mode is higher 

  • You can magnify text from 1.0X - 5.0X.

  • You get the option of saving the captured pictures in the library.

4. Pocket Yoga

Well, the benefits one gets from yoga are something we all are aware of. Apart from being flexible and building strength, it also improves your heart health and overall fitness. And the best part you do not even need to go out; you can do the yoga at your home with Pocket Yoga. 

Pocket Yoga helps you to practice yoga according to your skills and for the time period, you have. The app is available for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android. click here.


  • Audiovisual instruction for every pose, including each inhalation and exhalation

  • You have access to more than 200 illustrated pose images with correct posture and alignment.

  • Description and health benefits of each pose are mentioned

  • Experienced yoga instructors have designed the practices

  • Helps you track the progress of your yoga practices

5. 7-Minute Workout

Going to the gym every day for a workout is not possible for everyone. But, to maintain cardiovascular fitness and keep you healthy, a regular workout is necessary. 7-Minute Workout packs you a full workout in just 7 minutes. The workout is based on high-intensity circuit training (HICT) which is “safest, most effective, and most efficient”. The 7-Minute Workoutconsists of 12 exercises with a 10-second gap between each exercise and each exercise is to be done for 30 seconds. click here.

health and wellness



  • There is voice guidance for workout

  • You can adjust the circuit time at your convenience

  • You can also adjust the in-between rest time

  • If you do not want to do a particular exercise, you can skip to the next or the previous one. 

  • Abs workout for women

6. LoseIt

If you really want to lose weight and stay fit, this app is for you. LoseIt helps you keep track of what you eat and maintain your daily intake of calories. It also offers you a community where you can find people of all sizes and discuss methods of weight loss. click here.


  • You can track nutrients, including macros, proteins, water, carbs, sugars, body measurements, sleep cycles, and more.

  • You can set up fun weight loss challenges and exercise those by yourself or with your friends. It keeps you motivated.

  • You can search the database to track foods you’ve eaten in the library. There are more than 27+ million searchable foods available in the international library.

  • You can plan your meal according to the number of calories you need based on your goal  

7. Sound Amplifier

Many people have hearing problems, they either have to turn up the volume of the TV or may not be able to hear clearly in loud places. In either of the situations, Sound Amplifierhelp you avoid the sound you do not want to hear and amplify the ones you do. Basically, it helps you with listening to conversations clearly in challenging situations. click here.


  • It helps you reduce unwanted sounds around you and on your device

  • You can easily listen to conversations or use Bluetooth headphones to hear TV sound or lectures 

  • You can adjust audio or microphone settings with the simple tuning UI

  • The audio visualization feature helps you to see what’s going on around you

8. Calm

Mental health has been a serious topic this pandemic. Isolation leads to depression, chronic pain, and anxiety, meditation helps you fight off these health problems. Meditation and sleep app Calm provides you with guided meditation products and sleeps stories. The length of guided meditation sessions is 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 minutes. You can choose the length of it according to your schedule. click here


  • There are more than 100 bedtime stories with a guarantee to lull you to sleep. 

  • A 10-minute program is added daily which help you ease into the day 

  • It also provides you with breathing exercises to help you relax

  • It has exclusive soothing nature sounds to help you focus, relax during meditation or to help you sleep

9. Sleep Cycle

Getting proper sleep is essential for a healthy lifestyle. We all know it; still, most of us ignore it. If you are also one of those candidates who does not take their sleep seriously let me tell you, proper sleep is crucial to stay away from illness. Sleep Cycle is an app that keeps track of your sleep, sleep quality and wakes you up when you are in the lightest sleep state. click here.


  • It gives you detailed statistics and grapes of your daily sleep

  • You have a variety of melodious alarm tones which you can snooze just by shaking or double-tapping the phone

  • The available sleep aid in the premium version helps you fall asleep easier

  • You can check how drinking coffee, stress, working out, or eating late affect your sleep quality

  • You can also check how your Sleep Cycle is affecting your wake-up mood.

10. Happily

With so much negativity going around, staying happy and positive is a real challenge. But, now, you can boost your mood with a mobile app. Happily offers you games and other activities which increase your happiness. click here.


There is a set of questions that are sent to you about how you feel at work and how you would like to improve your workplace.


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