A Tutorial to Sync Google Calendar to Outlook Calendar on Various Platforms 

A Tutorial to Sync Google Calendar to Outlook Calendar on Various Platforms  | OpenGrowth

We all have grown dependent on the internet for everything. From remembering birthdays to managing our schedules, the google calendar or the Microsoftmicrosoft calendar gives us timely reminders for our to-do lists. 

If you are tech-savvy and wish to switch from Google Calendar to Microsoft calendar, this tutorial is surely for you. 

Google Calendar 

Google Calendar is one of the most important aspects of the G Suite. It comes with an email hosting Gmail and other features. It is an effective calendar app that will you can automatically access if you have a Gmail account. Do you know these google calendar hacks to make your work easy? 

Outlook Calendar 

Outlook, like Google Calendar, comes with many applications of Microsoft. This is fully integrated with emails, contacts, and other features. It has an automatic reminder system that helps you remind the special days for your loved ones.

Syncing Google Calendar with Microsoft (Outlook Calendar) for Outlook.com

You can sync the google calendar with outlook in the following ways. 

  • Open Google Calendar 
  • In the left column, drag your mouse over the calendar you want to add 
  • Click on the three dots beside the calendar 
  • Select Settings 
  • On the Settings page, scroll to the Integrate Calendar section 
  • Copy the secret address in the Ical format link 
  • Log in to Outlook and click the calendar icon in the left sidebar 
  • Click to add the calendar 
  • Choose to subscribe from the web button in the left column 
  • Paste the secret address in the iCal format link 
  • Give a suitable title to the calendar 

Syncing google calendar with microsoft

How to sync Google Calendar with Outlook for Windows 

  • Go to the Google Calendar 
  • Click on the gear icon on the top right of the screen 
  • Select Settings 
  • Choose Import and Export from the left bar 
  • Select export to download the zipped.ics file of your personal data on Google Calendar 
  • Open Microsoft Outlook in the other tab 
  • Click on File at the upper menu bar 
  • Select Import/Export option 
  • You get a pop-up, click on import ics/vcs files before selecting 
  • Select the zipped folder you have downloaded for google calendar 
  • Click on Import in the window that appears in the google calendar items into your Microsoft Calendar. 
  • Your sync is complete. 


Sync your Google Calendar with Outlook in Mac 

  • Open Microsoft outlook 
  • Click on Outlook at the top of the toolbar 
  • Click on Preferences in the drop-down Menu 
  • Choose Accounts 
  • Click on the + icon at the left bottom 
  • Select new account 
  • Enter your Gmail account associated with your Google Calendar after clicking on the login button 
  • Then Press continue 
  • Again press continue to authorize your Gmail account. 
  • Select your email you want to sync with Outlook Calendar 
  • Then click Allow to authorize Microsoft apps and services to have access to Google Calendar 
  • Then click on Open Microsoft Account in the pop-up window 
  •  Finally, click done after your account has been added. 



Though both the calendars are equally good, this sync will benefit you in case of any technical hitch or during an emergency. You should also take a look at the top google doc hacks everyone should know. 

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