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24th May'22
Airbnb Vs. Hotels | OpenGrowth

The pandemic has severely affected the travel industry. The world was in lockdown for around two years, two very long years of not going out from home. It was a tough time for the world, with many ups and downs. Although, things seem to be getting back to normal after the increase in vaccination rates. The travel industry is rebooting its business after covid effect.

Summer is here! It is time to book your summer travel. Obviously, with terms and conditions applied. The most exciting thing to book while traveling is accommodations. But how do you decide what to book? Airbnb property? Hotels? 

The place you stay depends on the kind of vacation you want to have, and how you like to travel. People are going gaga about the difference between Airbnb and Hotels. Are you one of them? Yes?  So, here is the difference between Airbnb and Hotels.


What is Airbnb?

Airbnb property is revolutionizing hospitality experiences! It is an online marketplace that connects people who want to rent their spare home or room to people visiting the area. The hosts use this platform to advertise their rentals to people worldwide, with the reassurance that big brands will handle the payments and offer support whenever needed. Airbnb offers homey places to stay with a kitchen and necessities at a lower price. 


Airbnb Vs. Hotels


What is a Hotel?

A hotel is a management establishment, which provides guests with a place to stay in exchange for money. The services provided to guests can vary drastically from one hotel to another. The owners generally aim to attract their type of customer through their pricing model, range of services, and marketing strategy. 


Airbnb Vs. Hotels 

The basic difference between hotels and Airbnb is the presence of taxes and regulations. But to make your decision easier, here I have outlined a few differences in the Airbnb vs.Hotels debate going around the world. 


Airbnb Vs. Hotels: Safety and Security 

According to a Morgan Stanley survey, “More than 50% of people do not use Airbnb due to safety, privacy, and legality.” People fear hidden cameras and uneven safety features. However, hotels operate under rules and regulations around safety, price, and legal operations. 


Airbnb Vs. Hotels: Cancellation Policies 

Cancellation policies on Airbnb vary by the host but are often flexible or fully refundable. However, hotels refund 48 hours before arrival. 


Airbnb Vs. Hotels: Variety 

Airbnb provides all types of accommodation, including quirky options like teepees and Airstreams. On the other hand, hotels have a standard spectrum of options, as defined by the hotels. 


Airbnb Vs. Hotels: Value for Money 

Airbnb usually has a lower cost for things like wifi and meals. Whereas, hotels often charge extra for add-ons and meals. 


Airbnb Vs. Hotels: Trust 

Airbnb does not verify individual hosts, but reviews provide a certain trust in the community. However, the hotel brand is a placeholder for trust.


Airbnb Vs. Hotels: Business-friendly 

According to a survey, “ 68% of business travelers have had a negative experience using Airbnb for work, thus prefer hotels.”Airbnb provides some basic work items like workplaces, but check-in may be difficult overnight. However, hotels have proved best for business travelers be it the last-minute stays or overnight check-ins. 


Airbnb Vs. Hotels: Convenience 

Airbnb has self-service check-in which has made it much more convenient. The hotels provide 27*7 staffing to make the stay experience easy. 


Airbnb Vs. Hotels


What to Choose?

What to choose between Airbnb or hotels depends on the place you are visiting. The same person might prefer a hotel on one trip and an Airbnb on the next. To choose, you have to ask yourself a few questions: 

  • What kind of experience do I want?

  • Is this a business trip or a vacation?

  • Who is going along with me on the trip?

  • What is my budget? 

  • Do you care about hotel amenities like room service? 

  • Where am I going? 

  • What are the restrictions? 

  • How important is safety? 

  • Do you I want luxury? 

  • How long is my stay?

  • Do I  want to live like a local? 

The answers to the above questions will help you choose what is best for you. 



Who won the debate? It depends!  There is no clear winner in this debate. The future holds opportunities for both Airbnb and hotels. You have to do your research to understand what is better for you and why. I will suggest you use both. After all, getting experience is an important part of traveling. Therefore, choose what is right for you and have fun on your next trip! 

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