All About Cloud Computing Security and Governance

All About Cloud Computing Security and Governance | OpenGrowth

In the last year, our lives have moved to the digital platform. Enterprises are increasingly being advantageous of this going completely virtual. While going virtual, the companies are using cloud computing services' platforms and services to store their data. This is how cloud computing services have changed business operations. 

But, while using cloud services to store all the data, one important thing that needs to be catered to is your data security. Data breaches, system vulnerabilities, insufficient identity, and credential and access management are some of the typical security issues you face while using cloud computing services. 

Whether you are using it single-handedly or in any organization, these security breaches can occur anytime. These occur when there is a lack of governance of cloud security. To avoid these, you need to have a proper cloud security management system. 

To keep your data secure and your organization's data safe, let us understand what exactly cloud security is and how we can avail to them. 


Cloud Security Governance 

Before we look into the technical of cloud security governance, let me explain what it means. 

Cloud security governance is a management model that facilitates effective and efficient security management and operations in a cloud computing environment. This security governance model also incorporates executive mandates, operational practices, structures, and metrics. The cloud security governance management model also provides strategic alignment, value delivery, and risk mitigation and helps you make the proper use of the resources available. Adding to the understanding of cloud security governance, it's also worthwhile to be aware of specific cloud environments designed to facilitate more stringent security requirements. One such environment is the Microsoft GCC High. What is GCC High for, you might ask? GCC High adheres to strict compliance standards and enhanced security protocols, making it a valuable consideration when discussing cloud security governance strategies. Its existence underlines the variety of cloud solutions available to cater to different governance and security needs across sectors.  You need to understand the steps to plan a cloud strategy. 


Cloud Security and Governance


Advantages of Cloud Security Governance 

If you have to build a proper cloud security governance model for an organization, you need to have proper strategic-level security management competencies along with proper security standards. The use of proper security standards meets consumer compliance requirements with a minimum standard of security controls. A governance framework gives you referential guidance and enables you to have best practices to set up a proper cloud security governance management system. 

The main advantages of the cloud governance framework are as mentioned below: 


Strategic Alignment 

It should be mandatory for enterprises and individuals to make security investments while using cloud services. Since this reduces security risks and breaches, it becomes easy for them to achieve their business goals. 


Value Delivery 

Cloud security and governance helps in enabling individual users and organizations to have their work delivered on time. It operationalizes and maintains the speed and value of work delivery with proper security measures.


Risk Mitigation

Having a proper cloud security service and governance minimizes risks. The security initiatives in cloud services gauge effectiveness in identifying threats or encroachments and dealing with them without affecting the stored data. 


Effective Use of Resources 

For any organization, it is important to adopt a practical operational model that majorly includes proper security measures. However, when you deal with cloud services, sometimes there are lapses in the organization's security measures due to access issues. To reduce these loopholes, it is always recommended that you use the cloud security management system that helps you make optimum use of the available resources. 


Consistent Performance

The security management system of cloud computing services helps an organization to give uninterrupted smooth services because of the minimized security glitches. 

However, there are two sides to the same coin. So with merits, there are some demerits as well. 


Cloud Security and Governance


Challenges of Cloud Security Governance 

Here are some challenges of cloud computing security and governance services. 


Lack of senior management participation 

One of the major challenges of the cloud security management system is it does not involve senior management. When an enterprise uses a cloud computing service, it tends to avail services laden with tactical content and lack executive input. However, they should endorse a security policy that has an executive tone, principles, and policies. 

This tone lacks expectations of the secure cloud. Therefore it is necessary for the executives to take full responsibility for the policy, communication, and enforcing compliance.


Missing Embedded Management Operational Controls 

One of the major glitches in the cloud computing management system is that it lacks embedded management controls in its procedures. Controls are time and now necessary, but they are reflected as an auditor’s checklist and hence avoided. 

However, the lack of embedded security can result in operational risks. This could easily lead to security leaks which may not be apparent. Therefore, the organization or individual will be left with operational risks all the time, affecting their work and goals. 



Security and governance are some of the major elements that are needed while using cloud computing services. Every organization availing of the services should also endorse these services for a smooth and sustainable performance.


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