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On-demand insurance economy

Insurance giants have long hoped to bring a lot of innovation into their business, however, strict rules and long-standing processes have hindered their progress. This trend has slowly begun to modify, as a lot of investments in technology still increase. In keeping with CB Insights, “more than $4.15B was deployed into insurance school startups globally” therewith variety continued to rise. 

On-demand insurance is the coverage you can turn on and off with the click of a button. With new technology, some insurers allow coverage to be “on-demand,” that is, it can be turned on and off at any time.

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On-demand insurance startups

On-demand insurance startups or  InsurTech startups use the information points to calculate monetary risk profiles for people who are marginalized or “credit invisible”. It shares the information with major credit bureaus, lenders and governments to facilitate a higher cognitive process with regard to credit scores, loan arrangements, and policy formulation.

Here are the InsurTech Companies who are pioneering the Global InsurTech revolution.

  • Acko. 

  • Artivatic. 

  • Mantra Labs.

  • Pentation Analytics. 

  • PolicyBazaar. 

  • Toffee Insurance.


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Final Thoughts: On-demand Insurance coverage

While these startups provide transparency, convenience, there's one further profit. Insurance merchandise doesn’t seem to be solely big-ticket and inflexible. On the other hand, you always have to handle some “agent” whose sole purpose in life is to jack you for as many greenbacks as humanly attainable whereas he tries to act like he’s serving you. 

However many insurance agents have their compensation tied to the commission that directly correlates to the cash you pay. These above-mentioned apps created by InsurTech startups stand to displace insurance agents which could also be just-in-time considering that insurance agents are apparently retiring left and right with no one replacing them. 



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