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4th Aug'20
All about Packing & Unpacking Services | OpenGrowth

Packing/Unpacking Service Businesses 

Packers and movers service business is quite a flourishing and quickly growing service-oriented business. Primarily due to high demand by consumers for both local and interstate shifting and relocation needs. There is an enormous opportunity in packers and movers service business as the business dynamics are good, the opportunity is huge, does not require certain technical skill and the business offers good operating margin.


Advantages Of Starting a Packing/Unpacking Business

There are ample of opportunities for entrepreneurial-minded individuals to build a business these days, here are four advantages to starting a packing and unpacking business:

1. A business like unpacking/packing is suitable for people who already have full-time jobs or other responsibilities because you work around your schedule and can start out working part-time. 

2. There is a great potential market for unpacking and packing service as for one thing, people move constantly these days. The average American moves once every two years.

3. With a packing/unpacking business, you don’t need to bother about an office or expensive equipment. You can start with very small startup capital. You really only need yourself and a means of transportation.

4. Unlike many other businesses, you don’t need improved skills to start a packing/unpacking business. You need to be organized, efficient, and productive and detail-oriented. After all, you’ll be folding, organizing, labelling and packing the people’s belongings.

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Packing/Unpacking Service

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Startups In Packaging Industry 

Innovation Analysts recently looked into emerging technology and up-and-coming startups in the packaging industry. As there is a huge number of startups working on a wide variety of solutions. Let’s take an example of a popular sustainable packaging company: 

Arekapak – Compostable Packaging

A rekapak is a startup from Berlin, Germany, It is an authentic and factual sustainable packaging design made out of the areca palm leaf. This requires limited water and energy consumption for production, and without any additional chemical substances. Arekapak is 100% biological, free of contaminants and completely compostable within 60 days.

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