All About Running Machine Learning at Home 

Machine learning is becoming a trend. With its increasing popularity, you surely would love to give it a try. But, the question remains, how can you practice machine learning at home? 

Well, technology has evolved very rapidly and efforts are being made to facilitate machine learning at your residence itself. If you know programming skills and some basic concepts about statistics, you can do machine learning right at your home. 

But, machine learning involves not just programming and statistics, it requires a proper hardware setup as well. To arrange that, you can either host everything yourself or use remote services.  However, you need to know one thing, are your devices safe from computer worms? 

To run a machine learning project at home, let us first understand what the basic requirements are. 


Requirements for Machine Learning 

One of the basic requirements for machine learning is relatively powerful hardware. The most important thing you need to run most related tools is a laptop. Your laptop should suffice the specifications required to run the necessary software. An important component you need on the laptop is the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), on which machine learning is dependent. 

If you can manage the GPU with a CUDA, you can have a better machine learning experience at home. However, CUDA will be taxing your pockets. Also, you need to prefer, Mac vs Windows, which is right for you?


Machine learning at home


How much will Machine Learning cost you? 

Are you planning to go shopping for the hardware needed for machine learning?. In 2021, especially, it is extremely expensive to purchase hardware for machine learning. You should know 7 things one should do with a new laptop. Take a look at this: 

  • An alleged shortage of semiconductors used in manufacturing various customer electronics has created inflation in the rates of these products globally. 
  • This inflation has affected the markets of GPUs, mobile phones, and other devices. 
  • Predictions are being made that the shortage will last for a few more years.

If you want to lower the costs, looking for a second-hand/used GPU is a better option. 


Opting for Hosted Platforms 

Purchasing hardware for machine learning and making consecutive software arrangements is costly. To avoid such high costs, there is another way to run machine learning at home. You can opt for hosting platforms. 

A hosted platform for machine learning focuses on actual development work irrespective of the hardware considerations. These platforms are typically meant to run your solutions father than anything you can assemble at home, at your own expense. 

These hosted platforms need subscriptions to use most of these services. You can also avail of some free services that hosted platforms offer, but each comes with some limitations. 


Machine learning at home


Having a mixed approach 

Most people go ahead with a mixed approach to running machine learning at home. You can work on the algorithms and models locally and use the hosted platforms to submit your data and get your results. This approach cuts your cost completely and gives you similar results. 


Beware of handling sensitive data. 

Machine learning involves dealing with sensitive data. This makes it obvious that the sensitive data you handle should be handled with care. The data should be handled even more carefully when you are opting for hosted services.

In some cases, you might violate certain legal frameworks without even knowing them. Before you run machine learning at home, make sure that you are well versed with the legalities involved in them, especially while using the hosted platforms. 

You have to be more careful when dealing with the hosted platforms because a third party handles the data. Though you are careful in managing the sensitive data, you are not aware of how these hosted platforms work and handle your submitted data. 

Therefore, it is always suggested that you go through the terms and conditions of the hosted platforms carefully before using them. 



Machine learning at home is a very productive and innovative experience. It can be feasible and has its pros and cons. However, when you learn machine learning at home, you need to be careful, especially while handling sensitive data.


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An artist by heart and a writer by profession, Prachi is a vivacious reader.  She believes in hard work and her dedication has never let her down. She puts her heart and soul in everthing she does. Though life has not been a bed of roses for her, she affirms that the best way to live it is to maintain an equillibrium between the tunes of life.  


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