All You Need To Know About LinkedIn Stories

Beauty Kumari

13th Oct'20
All You Need To Know About LinkedIn Stories | OpenGrowth

LinkedIn Stories

Recently, LinkedIn has renovated its platform to include a story feature. It’s just like Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat–only entirely different. LinkedIn has contextualized the feature for its users, taking signals from the platforms before it. Businesses should understand that being familiar with the stories feature is already a big benefit.


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What You Need to Know About the LinkedIn Stories Feature

With LinkedIn Stories, you’ll have a unique opportunity to show off your business from a new perspective and engage with your audience in a way they’re used to. 


How do LinkedIn Stories work?

LinkedIn Stories are formulated to make it simpler to relate with your community and share your competent moments. It strengthens a more personal and visual option to the content layouts available for both individuals and organizations.

LinkedIn Stories are identical to other social media network stories such as Facebook and Instagram, whereby they are shown for only 24 hours. You can upload photos or video, and record natively from the app, with a maximum of 20 seconds. You can then add text overlays and stickers to make your stories different. Read the below steps to engage on LinkedIn : 

1. Create your LinkedIn story

To create your LinkedIn story, open up LinkedIn on your phone and go to your Home screen. Click the + icon at the upper left of the screen.

2. Add text overlays and stickers

Once you’ve developed your story, click on the edit buttons on the upper right-hand side of the screen. You can mix it up with text, hashtags, and stickers. The best way to understand these features is to jump in and give it a go yourself.

3. Post and engage!

Once you are happy with how your content appears, simply press ‘Share Story’. Your connections will then be able to engage with your story and send you LinkedIn messages in reaction. So make sure you are maintaining a close eye on your messages coming in and respond rapidly to maximize your engagement.

4. View your analytics

The LinkedIn Story analytics tool will show you how many people viewed your content, how many messages you got as a direct result, and how viewed more of your story.

Everything you need to know about LinkedIn Stories 

Giving professionals the opportunity to share those less polished, more on-the-fly moments. But, how do LinkedIn Stories work, what’s the point of them and how can you use them for your own business? Explore more on this, click here.

What you need to know about LinkedIn Stories 

Consuming content on Instagram is not the same as consuming content on LinkedIn. It’s a game of context, context, context, context. Read further, click here.

LinkedIn Stories: Everything You Need to Know 

Linkedin has also announced a redesign, option to do video chats in messaging through apps like Zoom, BlueJeans By Verizon, and Microsoft Teams and released the possibility of reacting with emojis in the chat. Explore more, click here.

LinkedIn Stories: Here’s What You Need To Know 

LinkedIn Stories can spark conversations with your network, keeping them engaged and informed. They also have their own analytics, allowing you to track views. So how exactly do you publish a LinkedIn story? To know more, click here.


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