All You Need to Know About Network Marketing 

All You Need to Know About Network Marketing  | OpenGrowth

What is Network Marketing?

Network Marketers have their trend of developing consumers for their products. They believe in direct sales to their customers. They form a chain of customers and in return also help the customers gain profits and earnings. It is a decade-old marketing model that pertains to selling legitimate products at fair prices directly to consumers who require them. Instead of allocating products to stores and depending on hired salespeople, companies use a network of distributors, who initially started as customers. 

For companies, this is a lucrative means to sell their products and expand their reach with minimum marketing cost and no salaried workforce. For distributors, who usually work from home, network marketing is an opportunity to begin their own small business with adaptable working hours.

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Network Marketing

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Benefits of Network Marketing

Emerging trends like Network Marketing help companies to persuade a large number of consumers. Manufacturers commonly use network marketing in business structures that require multi-level marketing. This is because such business models include a large network of consumers who become distributors and develop a new trusted market for the company.  

  • There are completely no limits on the size of the network marketing structure. This happens because corporations can tie up with numerous people to become distributors. Further, distributors can c0-ordinate with other sub-distributors to broaden the company’s sales.


  • Due to a credible and strong distribution network that immerses customers directly, companies aren't required to depend on advertising to market their goods.


  • Another benefit is that corporations do not need to spend a lot of capital on storage and distribution. This is because distributors end up assuming these expenditures themselves.


  • Finally, this structure enables distributors to attain an unlimited income from their dealings with the corporation.


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