All You Need to Know About Voice of the Customer Questionnaire 

What do you do if you are not satisfied with a product or service offered by a particular organization? 

You just move ahead and look for alternatives. 

Also, we have a particular brand or product which has been used in our households for years together. They are successful in generating trust among their customers and most importantly, maintaining the trust among their consumers for years. 

How do they do that? 

Maintaining a positive reputation among the customers is one of the toughest tasks for any organization. A company spends a lot of time and money to maintain its image and brings in innovative ideas to satisfy its consumers. Most brands opt for a voice of the customer questionnaire to achieve this.  


What is the voice of a customer questionnaire? 

A voice of the customer questionnaire is one of the most important tools to manage an organization’s reputation, improving customer satisfaction, and growing its business. It helps an organization to review its negatives and positives respectively. A voice of the customer questionnaire mainly requires collecting and analyzing feedback from customers, accessing them, and implementing the changes accordingly. 

An organization has to have a holistic view of their customers' experience because it involves direct interaction with their target audiences. The entire concept of the voice of customer questionnaire depends on the responses given by the customers. It is directly related to an organization's core areas of marketing and advertising. 

However, drafting a voice of customer questionnaire is not as easy as it sounds. Let us look into the elements we need to include in a voice of customer questionnaire. 



What to include in a voice-to-customer Questionnaire? 

A VOC program gives an organization some very valuable information that it needs to preserve. To get this information from the consumers, you need to tailor the questions in such a way that an organization can facet the needed response from the audiences. 

The following things need to be kept in mind while drafting the questionnaire. 


Brand Awareness

Incorporating the following questions will help you know how much the customers are aware of your product or services. 

  • One word which comes to mind when you think of our product?
  • Describe our product? 
  • One brand name that crosses your mind when you think of a particular product or service? 
  • Have you heard about this product before (in the last six months)? 



You need to make recommendations for a particular product. The more the recommendations, the more the trust among the customers. You can ask the following questions that will encourage your consumers to make recommendations. 

  • Do you recommend using this service, brand, or product? 
  • How often do you recommend them? 
  • Why do you recommend them? 


Brand Loyalty 

Your costumes are very loyal to your brand and use their products and services for years if the trust factor is generated. The following questions can be asked to see how much the consumers are loyal to your brand. 

  • When do you switch to other brands? 
  • What is the reason for you to leave a brand that has provided you with products and services for so many years? 
  • Which areas of service or products have you switched and why? 


Brand Performance and Perception 

How your brand performs, depends on how many people have been using their products or services for many years. 

  • Are you satisfied with the products and services? 
  • What do you like about the product or service? 
  • What changes do you want to see? 



Other factors 

There are many other factors that contribute to developing trust and credibility for your organization. The other factors include company value, efforts made for product optimization, and how often the organization communicates with its customers. These questions will help you explore the minds of the consumers even better: 

  • Rate the organization? 
  • What features are most valuable?
  • One change you wish the brand must go through?
  • Where did you hear from the brand? 


Methodologies for the voice of the customer questionnaire 

Among the various methodologies used in the voice of consumer questionnaire, two are most common - Active feedback and Passive feedback. 


Active Feedbck 

Feedback is the key to the voice of the customer questionnaire. You can consider feedback active when an organization reaches out to its customers seeking their thoughts and opinions about the products and services offered by their brands and products. 

These few forms of active feedback are most beneficial. 



Long form-based surveys

Questions in this form of feedback are sent through an email and as the name suggests are long forms the consumers have to fill. These take a detailed review of the consumer and are considered as the most authentic form of feedback in the VoC questionnaire. 


Short in-app surveys 

This is done through a website or a mobile application. For consumers, this is the best way to fill out the forms as it is easily accessible. 


Survey after Transactions 

As the name suggests, these surveys are conducted after a transaction with that particular customer. However, they can be biased because the consumer is either more than satisfied with the services or products or has a negative experience. This thinking can cloud the mind of the customer and the feedback can be affected. 


Focus Groups 

This includes in-person or online group interviews conducted among a small group of people from different age groups. However, their demography remains the same. 


Passive feedback 

In this type of feedback, the customer provides feedback without being prompted or initiated by the organization. 



This is the most common and effective method of passive feedback. This may be done online or through the mail. This type of feedback is important because it helps guide other customers, who have not used the brands before. 


Social Media 

Social media is one such platform where consumers often write about the experience they have had with a particular product or service either on their own profiles or on the profiles or pages of the brands. 


Implementing Voc Data

Implementing the feedback of a VoC questionnaire, there lies the rub. Though many organizations take feedback from their customers, however, they fail to make the necessary changes. This hampers their credibility and affects their market, eventually giving room for other brands to take over. 


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