All You Need To Know About Working of OpenSea

All You Need To Know About Working of OpenSea | OpenGrowth

The Covid 19 pandemic made us all go virtual. Many startups catering to the digital needs sprang during this time, being huge successes. One such startup OpenSea gained global fame for its unique idea for trading digital assets. After it went live in March 2020, the company became the first and the largest marketplace for trading NFT’s. 


What is NFT? 

An NFT is a Nonfugible Token computer file used to track ownership of some unique digital assets like art and music on a ledger known as a blockchain. But, is it possible to make NFT in 10 minutes? NFT has exciting new properties; they are unique, tradeable, and usable across multiple platforms, but only in the virtual world. You can do whatever you want with them, just like physical goods. 

They are also used as gifts to loved ones across the globe. There is only one glitch. You cannot flaunt them in the real world like your nickels and diamonds. They are just a digital show-off, armed with all the programmability of digital goods. This is everything you need to know about NFTs. 


How does OpenSea work? 

OpenSea deals in a brand new type of digital food called NFT. This platform was founded in 2017 by Devin Finzer. It offers a wide variety of available products across 200 categories. These items mainly include sales of the decentralized domain, NFT of art, music, and gaming, and virtual assets. 


NFT and Cryptocurrency


Working of OpenSea 

OpenSea is built on NFT technology and runs on the Ethereum blockchain. The users using this platform interact using smart contracts. This is necessary so that the users can trade and interact through secure digital assets. Also, they can take custody of their items in the wallet digitally. Speaking on the economic front, OpenSea gets a 2.5 percent cut in every item they sell online. 

In 26 months after they went live, the company had 4000 active users doing a business worth 1.1 million dollars in a month. The company's rapid growth made them cent millionaires, especially during the lockdown. 

This platform is used to create, discover, buy and sell exclusive NFT’s and other crypto products such as collectibles and other virtual assets on a blockchain. It tracks 

It accepts ETH and DAI as the network's default cryptocurrencies to conduct any transactions through the platform. However, lately, the platform has also started accepting more than 200 forms of cryptocurrencies for transactions. 


How to create an account on OpenSea 

To set up an OpenSea account, you must use a web3 wallet like MetaMask. This enables the user to interact with as many cryptocurrencies or Ethereum based applications. 

After your account has been set up, you can fund it through ETH. Once done, you are now free to make transactions through the website. 


NFT and Cryptocurrency


What Challenges is OpenSea facing?

Word is around that corner that OpenSea flourished because it was at the right place at the right time. However, the company faced an alleged major security breach, in which people using this platform claimed that they were hacked when they received a gift NFT. The company denies any such claims, though. 

Interestingly, if sources are to be believed, OpenSea has worked on fixing some vulnerabilities, though its owners claim otherwise. OpenSea is working with third-party wallet providers to help recognize these malicious signature requests. 



OpenSea, though it is making tremendous progress, it has to keep its checkpoints to prevent its users from security breaches. Also, the increasing competition in the NFT and Crypto market is another reason for them to stay alert in the post-pandemic era. 


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NO UPFRONT PAYMENT! From my experience, I guess the best way to avoid online scam is by having a very thorough investigation about the subject matter. If i had this advice i would probably have not gone through the ordeal i went through some months past. Binary Options is a blessing to some and curse to many, it almost ruined me. Gracefully, i got in contact with a certified recovery specialist ( Mr Tessy ) who helped me with refunds. I can’t say for any other recovery expert but this ( Mr Tessy ) came to my rescue and I RECOMMEND ONLY his service.  Contact their support team for further assistance: HQRECOVERY22 at GMAIL dot COM You Can Whatsapp or Text: + 1 3 2 3 3 8 8 5 7 1 5 NO UPFRONT PAYMENT! 303 Second St., Suite 900 South Tower, San Francisco, CA 94107 Thank me later.

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The persistent rise in taking advantage of innocent crypto potential traders is very alarming. These scammers will offer you mouth watery profits on investments which they will not pay or pretend to pay but deny you the means of making withdrawals only for them to require more funds from you. i was almost a victim of this evil scheme i invested in total about $290k on a binary trading platform which i got introduced by a friend i met over the facebook dating app after he claimed the platform is one of the best trading option platform to invest with Being new to this i decided to give it a try, after few months of trading with the platform and making some profits then i tried to make withdrawal to my account but noticed that wasn't successful, then I tried to contact the platform through email and phone number i contacted the support he replied after 2 days and asked that i pay some fees to the company wallet which i did but can’t still withdraw my funds. i also noticed their website has been suspended then I got to realize something was wrong and that’s how i finally came on here to find a solution to my dismay. Thank God, I found THE ( R O O T K I T S R E C O V E R Y F I R M ) this team rescued me and recovered back all my funds. I’m glad I didn’t lose after all but i have learned and got to be careful. send them an mail if need their help at: R O O T K I T S 4 @ G M A I L . C O M or Contact Telegram : R O O T K I T S 7

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10th Sep'23 04:45:13 AM

I have had a friend who introduced me into a bitcoin programmed scheme that I taught was a Legitimate investment opportunity but never went as planned, i had invested all my savings before i realize it was a scam i was so blindfolded about the negative part this may turn out to be, in total i lost about $286,000 usd. i had partnered with this company for over 3 months and it got to the time for me to take the profit i have made but they refused me from doing so rather they keep asking that i invest more. i upgraded the plan and reinvested more funds but the withdrawal button still doesn’t work when due for withdrawal that was when i then thought about the whole thing and realized what i got myself into, i really do not know how to go about it. at some point i taught all money was lost until i met a life savior on a crypto review site who had helped a lot of people recover their lost, i contacted and explained my situation to them and he assured me they’ll help me get my money back, i gave it a try and he definitely did a great job, all my funds stolen by this company was recovered back into my wallet account in few days, I don’t really know how he got this done but this is really awesome! I’m writing this to informed anyone who had similar issue to contact this expert firm ROOTKITS RECOVERY FIRM email or Telegram ( R O O T K I T S 4 @ G M A I L . C O M ) , Telegram @ ROOTKITS7 i must say that i'm happy right now to i have got my lost funds back through their great assistance.

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6th Sep'23 09:07:12 AM

Hi Everyone. Please be wise out there, to avoid making the same mistake i had made in the past, i was a victim of bitcoin scam, i invested about 230k euro into this company that serves as an investment platform i saw a glamorous review and praises about this company hardly did i know that it was a setup to trap you into investing with them, I first reached out to them through their websites on what their contracts are, i had one Mrs Heather assigned to me she explained and guided me further with the process and i started the just with 200 euro after which it made me some profits and withdraw it to my wallet. then on my second plan i now decided to go higher and invest more funds thinking this actually pays which i was assured by Mrs Heather of my profits in due time, but when it’s time to get my profits i noticed i wasn’t able to withdraw funds to my wallet, they asked that i pay a fee to their wallet which will allow me to withdraw all my total profits i did but still wasn’t able to withdraw my funds I got to know the company was up to something, they kept asking me to invest more and i ran out of patience then requested to have my money back, they refused to answer nor refund my funds, not until i search for a solution online and i read about The ROOTKITS RECOVERY FIRM, so I reached out and after tabling my complaints, they were swift to action and within 48 hours I got back my funds with the due profit. I couldn’t contain the joy in me not after all that stress and depression i had been through. i recommend this firm for anyone in need of help you can reach out to them on their support email: ROOTKITS 4 @ G MA IL . C O M and on Telegram : ROOTKITS7. They provide the best excellent service

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3rd Sep'23 12:46:53 PM

I have no doubt about this good reviews relating to ROOTKITS RECOVERY FIRM, I myself have equally benefited from their services. i once needed help to recover my lost Usdt, they were the right recommendations I got from friends through the reviews i read here. they are of an expert level i give them the accreditation because they really deserve that and has the quality to perform recovery task. off course i got back my $164k Usdt through their services, i have worked with two different hackers while I was trying to recover my lost funds back, the first guy i worked with was unable to complete the task, before i searched online for help and i read some good reviews about ROOTKITS RECOVERY FIRM. through this review i saw their email contact ( ROOTKITS 4 @ G MAIL. COM ) where i wrote my issue to them. i can say this guys are expert, you will get to see that in their services.. unlike the first guy i met, they recovered back my money I’m really thankful for that because left to me i taught the money is gone but it was there actually and they got all back for me. you can get them on Telegram @ ROOTKITS7

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24th Aug'23 08:58:51 AM

Invested 215k USD worth of bitcoin with a Binary trading company. after some few months of our partnership my total earnings from my invested capital was able to grow to 840k USD within a couple of weeks. But I didn't realize I was dealing with a scam company, i can view that i have all my funds in there but not able to process a withdrawal to my wallet or to my bank account, i tried to reaching out to the customer support desk but they stopped replying after requesting for fees for withdrawal to be processed but still failed to, it then clear of my eyes that i was been scammed and that was when i started looking out for a way to get my funds back, i tried using the Police, they did all they could but we never got a positive result, then my wife suggested we try out a hacker, and that was how i got to know ROOTKITS RECOVERY FIRM via my online research, according to individual reviews from people who had been in similar issue i read that he can recover back my funds based on his experience and quickly i reached out to them on their Telegram account; ROOTKITS7, he requested a few details which i made all available for them, luckily enough i got my funds back after they had done an excellent job for me, my sincere appreciation to this firm i really appreciate all they had done. their email contact is as follows; ROOTKITS 4 @G MAIL .COM should anyone been in same position as mine you can reach out.

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22nd Aug'23 06:43:25 AM

I was reading about binary option cryptocurrency because i am really interested in investing in cryptocurrency because of the books I’ve read about it… The digital currency seems to be the future, I saw the bitcoins price and it is way too steep for me financially so i had to venture into investing because that’s that some way to acquire bitcoins since it’s high. I tried investing with an online company in order to start up, my first deposit was around $300 usd, i got my first profits together with the profits, seeing how it goes i then reinvested more funds so i could be paid more. so after the normal period of time that i was supposed to be paid, the funds was made available there in my wallet but i can’t make the withdrawal to my account. i got to message the support and they requested for some fees after another before i could be able to withdraw, i paid to an extent before i could realize that i was not dealing with the right people.. i felt deeply disappointed as i have already committed a total of $640k usd into this. Actually i taught that i had lost it all but fortunately when i shared this with a close friend who said she had been through the same issue but got a hacker who helped her retrieve her funds back, he gave me their contact info. ROOTKITS 4 @ GMAIL . COM and their Telegram account. ROOTKITS7 and this was how i got my funds back through their great help, I’m so grateful and i appreciate the service as they are of a top notch level. a very special thanks to this ROOTKITS RECOVERY FIRM.

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17th Aug'23 12:53:49 AM

I failed a victim to a fraudulent Binary Company it was indeed a tough time for me after i was ripped off by this Binary Investors. i got linked to them through Instagram and we started texting, after a while of being in contact and knowing a bit more about each other that lead me into sharing some personal informations with him, Unknowingly to me i was dealing with a scammer and liar, this person made me believe a fake website that he uses to carry out his criminal activities in the name of Binary trading platform, i had invested hugely into this platform because i never doubted this or what he had said to me as i thought i was investing without knowing that i was being played. i never know all this wasn’t real till when the time for my withdrawal came, they automatically disabled me from making my withdrawals successfully.. every attempt to withdraw was been declined, i felt very uncomfortable with the situation, i was been directed to pay more fees before withdraw can be activated i didn’t know what else to do at certain point but later came up with the thought of getting a hacker it was then that i got to meet ROOTKITS RECOVERY FIRM with their contact info ( ROOTKITS4 (AT) G M A I L . CO M ) through peoples recommendation and reviews, they succeeded in retrieving back my lost funds back to my wallet I’m really grateful for that, finally got myself back after the depression and nightmares i went through, special thanks to this Team.

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14th Aug'23 02:09:20 PM

It was really a terrible experience actually when i found myself loosing all the money i had worked for years all in the name of Crypto currency investment i put the whole blame on myself maybe for being so selfish and careless I almost lost a huge invested funds to this online crypto currency investment platform, i only got paid once by this company at the beginning when i started the whole thing with $200 usd, i got paid with my income then i had to reinvest back in order to get more this time i invested with a huge amount of money but ever since when it got due for me to be paid the company automatically restricted me from withdrawing the money, i had to reach out to the costumer care for their assistance so i can get my funds but they kept asking for more fees, it was devastating and as i got more depressed then i was talking to a colleague at work who i told about everything i was going through to my surprised he had been in such situation before me and said he got everything back through a Recovery firm and them linked me up with The ROOTKITS RECOVERY FIRM. i contact them and they helped me recovered back my money, i got to text with them over on telegram directly @ ROOTKITS7 where we had all our conversation, they really did a great job for me i as well showed my appreciations because i almost lost everything, lest i forget here is their email contact ROOTKITS 4 @ gmail. com. I really do appreciate their good aid when i needed it the most.

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12th Aug'23 05:28:29 AM

I like to express how grateful i am to ROOTKITS RECOVERY FIRM an incredible and reliable team of hackers who helped recovered the $635k i lost to scammers in an online Binary Trading Company. I am married with 3 kids living comfortable with my family until when i came across a link to this trading platform, i read some good reviews about this platform online and i decided to invest with them, started with a small capital with the intention to grow it. i was speaking directly over WhatsApp with the Senior Account manager ( Oliver Gabriel ) all through who was helping me to build my portfolio, during those period i made some huge investment with them at the end when i got to found out it was all scam i requested to withdraw an amount but it was not going through, i reached out to Mr Gabriel over whatsapp who now demanded for couple fees to be paid before i could access and withdraw my funds, even after settling this fees i still couldn’t make a withdrawal not even a dollar. However, I discovered ROOTKITS RECOVERY FIRM through positive reviews read on this site and reached out to them immediately on R O O T K I T S 4 @ G. M A I L . C O M and they helped recovered my lost Funds just within 2 days of meeting them I can’t thank them enough but give them a review as a token of my sincere appreciation. I strongly recommend them to anyone with related issues. Here is there contact again for Telegram; ROOTKITS7. they are the best out there.

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10th Aug'23 10:25:34 PM

Heard so much about the Cryptocurrency investment and one day decided to try it out through a lady i was friend with on the facebook.. the beginning seems very interesting and everything was moving fine after i had my first payout, i reinvested more funds to the company she got me introduced to in order to gain more profits and after some while when i was meant to either take my returns or still go ahead with my investment, but due to my illness i requested for a withdrawal but noticed i wasn’t able to do that, i quickly reach out to the support for some assistance but sadly it was more disappointing, what made everything so complicated was my poor health conditions as i needed the funds urgently. i tried my best to get this resolved even contact the Lady on facebook who referred mr to this mess but she turned out to be in the same table with the scammers, i then came up with the thought of getting a hacker as i was going through my computer i read a story relating to mine and how a hacker was to help in recovering back the lost funds. i contacted them through their email contact; ROOTKITS 4 @ GMAIL .COM and i had to explained the whole situation to him and he then moved on with the process of recovery, i did got my funds back after he was done and I’m so happy because i was able to payoff the hospital bill as well, if anyone out there looking for a help to recover his funds back then ROOTKITS RECOVERY FIRM is the right team to do the task, you can also get to them through Telegram: ROOTKITS7

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10th Aug'23 08:19:42 AM

I lost my bitcoin to fake impostors on Facebook, they contacted me as blockchain official support and i fell stupidly for their mischievous act, this made them gain access into my blockchain wallet whereby 7.0938 btc was stolen from my wallet in total .I was almost in a comma and dumbfounded because this was all my savings i relied on . Then I made a research online and found a recovery expert , with the contact address-   . I wrote directly to the specialist explaining my loss. Hence, he helped me recover my bitcoin just after 2 days he helped me launch the recovery program , and the culprits were identified as well , all thanks to his expertise . I hope I have been able to help someone as well . Reach out to the recovery specialist to recover you lost funds from any form of online scam.

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4th Aug'23 08:41:38 AM

I almost lost over $320k worth of Bitcoin in an investment trading company where i had invested with the purpose to make more profits, but as things went on just within the space of a month and 2weeks i had invested all i had together with my savings before i got to realize it was a scam company, they refused me to make my withdrawal successful when it was due. i had to lookout for way to get my funds back from this experience i found that is not that easy to get back a scammed funds because these scammers are very smart and they will cover their tracks but if you manage to find a trustworthy and reliable Recovery company, I said trustworthy and reliable because many scammers are out there disguising as Recovery agents and will only take your money without recovering all your funds back. I was a victim of such myself after loosing all my funds to the investment scam I sort for help and I met a few recovery agents and was scammed by a particular one again. Before i was Luckily referred to a Recovery Firm called ROOTKITS RECOVERY FIRM. They where the right team that recovered my stolen bitcoin. You can send a mail to ROOTKITS4 @ GMAIL. COM or via Telegram- ROOTKITS7 for your funds recovery should incase you need a help to get your lost investment back.

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28th Jul'23 02:16:25 AM

I am glad to go through the reviews carefully and with the help of some enlightening ones here I made the right decision. I was scammed by a Binary online website last 2 month. I lost a total of $135,000 to them and they denied all my withdrawal request, and gave me all sort of excuses requesting i pay more funds in order to have funds withdrawn. It was really devastating time for me because that was all I had and they deceit me into investing the money in their company with some guarantee that I will make much profit from the investment. They seized all my funds and kept on requesting for more fees to be paid. I finally was able to recover all the money I lost just last month with the help of ROOTKITS RECOVERY FIRM. after i read some good reviews here from people they had help retrieve back their funds from fraudulent crypto investment companies. I quickly contacted them for their service and they responded. after i had them provided with the required informations, they proceeded with the recovery and after some while i got back all funds back to my wallet. I am really grateful to this Team especially for the services they offer because i know a lot of people here have been scammed and need help. Contact him via ROOTKITS 4 @ GMAIL . COM or Telegram @ROOTKITS7 for their swift delivery and good communications skill. It's top tier service for me. I recommend.

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24th Jul'23 09:14:08 PM

I lost my money through an investment platforms whose company were registered in London, UK. They claimed to have registered their companies in the US as well. The company which is known as i woke up one day trying to login into my account but noticed i wasn’t able to do so as usual. the webpages have been inactive since that very day and I have been unable to withdraw how my total invested funds. The sites posted they were performing an internal audit during the month of May; subsequently, it announced the systems were being upgraded since early July. All official Chat-rooms at Telegram, WhatsApp and Facebook are now disabled and some vanished altogether. I Contacted the CEO via WhatsApp, he did not read my notes or respond. would keep promising mouth watering ROI to lure you in showing you simulated trades and it is almost impossible for you to make a withdrawal. One excuse after the other. That’s when it became crystal clear that I have been scammed of my hard earned money. My total lost with this company was USD332,876. I needed a major portion of this balance to pay off the down-liners who were threatening to file charges for misleading as well as fraud. Their combined balance is approximately USD300,000. I was lucky to found a top wealth Recovery firm, i contacted them through ( R O O T K I T S 4 @ G M A I L . C O M / Telegram: ROOTKITS7 ) which brilliantly helped recoup all my lost capital to these fraud company all within 3 days period. I can’t thank the ROOTKITS RECOVERY FIRM enough for their professional help. I am typing this with tears rolling down my cheeks! Please stay away from KRYPTOGLOBALTRADE INVESTMENT PLATFORMS to avoid the agony and pain I went through! Spread the word and help unsuspecting victims from falling prey!

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22nd Jul'23 09:28:36 AM

I failed woefully to a crypto investment company, ended up losing everything i had to this platform i felt so broken to the point that i almost took my own life. the worst of it all is that i got some loan to enable me invest in this platform in order to make some profit.. not being aware that i was dealing with some group of scammers, the investors made everything look so real and legitimate in the way that you won't believe it all scam. it was going well till few weeks ago when i requested for a withdraw, i was instructed to invest more till i reached the withdrawal limit then i can make withdrawal.. i did invested more but when it was time to withdraw they insisted rather kept persuading me to make more investment. i stopped talking to them and started looking for a way to recover my money cause i don't want them to notice my next plan. then fortunately for me i recommendations through to contact The ROOTKITS RECOVERY FIRM - R O O T K I T S 4 @ G M A I L . C O M , I contacted them and they promised to help me get my money back asked me some info about the scammer which I provided. The result was amazing I recovered all my stolen money back within a space of 48 hours I was so happy as I never believe I could get my money back. i will keep on recommending your service to anyone i know. you can as well contact him through Telegram: ROOTKITS7

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20th Jul'23 09:55:49 AM

I heard about a Bitcoin programmed scheme that I taught was going to be a lifetime investment opportunity but turned out to be Fraudulent, i got deceived by this Investor i met on a telegram group to make my investment with their company, this investors made the company website look so real and promising, without much thought i invested some money not knowing that i am being scammed, we got going till it was time for me to take my returns i try to make withdrawal but the system declined my withdrawals. made several attempts to get it right but still wasn’t going good i then contacted the "support" for a help they demanded for some fees to be settled before i could have my funds withdrawn successfully, i cleared the demanded fees required but not able to withdraw my funds yet. at this point i realize i was been scammed. i taught all money was lost until I met a life savior on a crypto site who had helped a lot of people recover there stolen funds/coins ( ROOTKITS RECOVERY FIRM ) I explained my situation to him and assured me he’ll help me get my money back, I gave it a try and he definitely did a great job, all my money was recovered back into my wallet account in few days, I don’t really know how he got this done but this is really awesome! I’m writing this to informed anyone who had similar issue to contact this expert via email, email or Telegram; ROOTKITS7 ( R O O T K I T S 4 @ G M A I. L . C O M ) I’m so happy right now, I luckily escape what ought to had destroy me financially.

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15th Jul'23 11:17:49 PM

This folks are amazing i really don’t know what would have become of me if not for ROOTKITS RECOVERY FIRM who was of a great benefits to my life. actually was my first time investing in a crypto company, where i was introduced by a Lady i had met over a dating site, we actually have been friends from there for awhile. along the line she mention about this company to me and how she had been earning money from there and did provide me with some sort of proofs and certificate of the company as well asked me to partner with the company and make some money too using her as my referral, i then went ahead and made a couple of investment with them, but when it was time for me to withdraw my total profits and earnings, they started giving excuses regarding the company upgrade, taxes and co as i was unable to make the withdrawal successfully demanding more money to release my funds. the support was not helping out in anyways, while all this was happening personally i got really disturb and depressed, a friend of mine who i opened up to in order to lend some money so i could at least pay the fees and have my funds but he then told me that this could be scam that he had a similar experience and advice i should get a hacker which he referred me to Rootkits. left to me i never believe that could be possible but as it goes i contacted their email: R O O T K I T S 4 @ G M A I L . C O M , They responded once and i gave them the necessary info required. to my great surprise he recovered all my investments back for me just within few days i couldn’t be more thankful, If you have been a victim of crypto or binary scam you can contact this firm. I thought there were no such good genuine people anymore here, but this team brought my trust to humanity again. GOD bless you guys for what you do, can reach them on Telegram with ; ROOTKITS7

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12th Jul'23 11:39:01 PM

Everyone should beware that there are many fake bitcoin mining/clouding out there, I have once been a victim of cryptocurrency scam. The whole plan was so smooth I could not doubt it. Bitcoin is actually a great investment option but one thing I discovered over time is that it is not possible to mine bitcoin so don’t be deceived. I invested $95000 on a particular website called crypto-ndn , I monitored the profit yielding but i never knew that i was dealing with a fraudulent company, when it was time for me to make withdrawal i was being restricted from doing such even when i can still read my total balance from the dashboard, i tried all my possible best to meetup with the company demand before i could withdraw my funds but it seems to be worst at certain point. i felt really depressed about this I almost gave up searching for a solution cause I felt it is over i was dying inside because this is the money i have been saving up over the years now, then one day i was going through Quora and i came across certain good comments about ROOTKITS RECOVERY FIRM, at first I was skeptical about it because trusting some person you met online will either not end well … Well after several days of debating within myself I decided to contact this firm and to give them a try and to my greatest surprise they was able to recover my money within 48 hours. i was so happy for their great professional work. thanks to this reliable team, it will be selfish of me if I don’t refer this recovery firm to you contact them with R O O T K I T S 4 @ G M A I L . C O M or via telegram; ROOTKITS7

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12th Jul'23 01:04:22 PM

I kept wondering how possible it was to raise a score as low as 430 to 800+ until I came in contact with H A C K M A V E N S CREDIT SPECIALIST who helped me clean up all the bad items in my credit report and raised my score to 805 within a short period of time. That was incredible! I strongly recommend them to anyone having credit-related issues. EMAIL: H A C K M A V E N S 5 @ G M A I L. C O M or Call/Text/WhatsApp: [+ 1 (2 0 9) 4 1 7 – 1 9 5 7].

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11th Jul'23 08:12:32 PM

While investing in bitcoins, be cautious. If your bitcoin gets stolen, then it can be a very frustrating time but instead of getting frustrated, it is important to act fast so that you can get your money back. Unluckily, there are many victims that do not get their money back because it is very hard to track down the people behind it. The thief is either in another country or using fake identities. But in some cases, it is easy to track the person who has stolen your bitcoin. Tracing bitcoin is not hard for the bitcoin forensics or specialists. For more information, kindly reach out to (davidmoore9951 (@) GMAIL COM

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10th Jul'23 01:20:57 PM

Able to recover my lost invested funds through the great assistance of THE ROOTKITS RECOVERY FIRM - Official email as follows ROOTKITS4 @ G MAIL . COM . after quite a while of searching for a recovery expert and platform to help me retrieve back my lost invested crypto i came across this firm contacts info from people who they had equally helped, it was before that time that i met Mr Lucas on instagram who referred me to a company he claimed that can change my financial life through investing with them, everything looked so real and serious to me until i made my investments, it was now time for me to take my profits but the website total deactivated me from withdrawal i contacted the investors through the support system but pitiful they keep asking that i invest more before i would be able to take my profits, but thanks to this wonderful team for coming through for me when i contacted his above email contacts for help and he showed up and help me with the process of retrieving my funds back from the company’s wallet account where i had directed all payments to, he was in deed an expert in this field you can as well catch up with him also on Telegram : ROOTKITS7 if need such assistance .