Amy Thomson – Empowering Women through Health and Wellbeing

Jyotshana Rani

8th Mar'21

Amy Thomson

Amy Thomson was born on 15 March 1987 in Norwich, Norfolk in the United Kingdom. She has completed her Sociology degree from Goldsmiths University. In 2011, Thomson founded her own communications agency SEEN, and became known for delivering live events and digital media for brands like Nike, RBS, and Instagram. Her focus was on creating content that drove quantifiable social engagement and sales. She also consulted on some leading technology and lifestyle brands like Apple and Facebook among others. 


Foundation Journey of Moody Month

In 2016, Amy Thomson suffered extreme burnout from work, and she was told it was all hormonal. She never thought that stress can be hormonal and it will affect her cycle, sleep, mental and physical health drastically. She was spending 10-hour days running communications agencies, holding meetings with high-profile clients, including Nike and Microsoft, and trying to have a social life. Thomson was literally living off carbs and coffee, working at home, and totally unaware of the fact that her body was living in survival mode. 

Thomson started looking for a way to track her everyday mental and physical health. And after paying a lot of money to nutritionists, trainers, and even coaches to have access to everyday health advice, she discovered that her periods stopped and her body wasn’t functioning properly due to stress. She realised that there are other women out there like her, and spending so much money to know about their bodies is a bit unfair for them. 

This motivated her to learn about the mind-body connection and create an app through which she will share everything she had learned so that other women didn’t need to go through the fear which she had faced. 

With this motivation, she founded Moody Month, an app which helps women understand their body. Forbes addressed Thomson’s mission as the future of women’s mental and hormonal health in March 2019. Also, Team Moody got awarded as ‘Top Female Health App’ by Apple and also got featured in iThe App Store’s Today Tab. 


Amy Thomson sharing her story

There has been a stigma attached to periods from centuries now. Moody Month aims to change that stigma and help women understand their bodies better. Click to know the entire story from the founder Amy Thomson herself. 


Moody Month: Health app and tech service built by women for women

Moody Month is a female technology app service for women’s health and wellness. A new online platform designed to help women to understand their moods, cycles, and hormones. Moody mainly aims to target those who have just had their first period, right through to those who are menopausal.

There is a set of questionnaires for users to fill and create a personalized profile. Based on the answers given users will receive curated advice, solutions, and ideas for what you as a woman can do to affect or change your mood for the better. It also has a number of articles describing “How To Eat Yourself Happy” and interviews with the likes of Melissa Hemsley, Daisy Lowe, and Sharmadean Reid. There is a shoppable section that features sleepwear, and a selection of vitamin and mineral supplements with Biocol Labs.

Apart from that, it also gives the yoga which you can practice when you're on your period, and how best to detox your liver.


Amy’s tips for launching a wellness business

  • The very first step is to choose your team wisely and addressing the same, she says that if you don’t have the gut instinct for good people, find someone who does. 

  • In your initial days you thrive for investment, but don’t just take investment from anyone. At that time you may feel bad for not taking it, but after a few years, you will feel sick knowing where the money had come from.

  • Do not just go for starting your business, set yourself up, take time to properly research and plan your business, and when you’re going to feel great then do it.

  • Building a business is always about commitment and to be able to survive in the long run all you have to do is to be obsessed with your mission. 

  • Keep yourself motivated. It will help you pass through the rejections and stress of running a business.


Empowering women through health and more

Being a female founder has never been easy and the reasons are obvious: you are easily disregarded by investors, you are quickly dismissed if you do not match with people’s opinions, people live in stereotype, and if you are trying to change that it is the biggest challenge in itself. But, Thomson always believed that women have got a great superpower of emotional intelligence which can be a huge benefit, as a business is not just driven by ambition, but also empathy.

The motive behind starting Moody Month is always to empower women. Apart from this, Thomson also co-founded Future Girl Corp with Sharmadean Reid in 2016. In 2016, only 4.4% of CEO positions were held by women. That is when she, her colleagues, and peers realised that rather than going into organisations and trying to say ‘Give women senior jobs’, we need to start at the bottom.

So, Future Girl Corp is a business school for girls where talk sessions, workshops, and events are organised regularly which is available online for free. These engaging sessions give incredible lessons which can be learned from some amazingly inspirational women, and that applies to both start-ups and large organisations. It also offers free education tools and insights for future female CEOs and business founders.


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