An Advisor: The Key to Startup Success

Isha Panwar

7th Jan'21
An Advisor: The Key to Startup Success | OpenGrowth

If you are going to take a serious rush at building a startup, and it doesn't matter what kind of startup or industry you belong to what is your level of experience, you need advisors. They’re not employees, they’re not mentors, they’re not investors, they’re not consultants, and they’re not coaches.

Advisors are the people who have been through building the kind of company you want to build, in considerable times, with both successes and failures. The crucial component of a good advisor is not education or background or even level of success - it’s straight-up experience. 


The Key to Startup Success


Startup Advisor

Advisors are experts who provide insight and assistance in specific business areas. They are considered corporate individuals who help you strengthen your product, team, and culture and gain more market share who are formally employed by your startup. 

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Startup Mentor

A startup mentor is a person who guides the entrepreneurs who are looking forward to building a startup from inception or the seed stage to the established or a big stage. The startup company needs a person who can guide step by step to follow a correct pathway and fulfill all their dreams and desires.

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Startup Act

Startup act is intended to encourage the growth and viability Of startup companies. This act protects the rights and demands of all entrepreneurs who are thinking of growing business worldwide.

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What if you don’t have an advisor?

An advisor is considered to be an important part before setting up any startup. They give specific tips and tricks on various sectors of a business such as finance, investment, and other basic fields. If you have an advisor, things would seem confusing for entrepreneurs. They would be highly burdened by the extra load of deciding what to do and what not to so. 

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Role of Advisor in Startup Journey

A startup advisor is a person who guides the industry on the subject that matters for the company. The instructor and helps in building network connections for a startup entrepreneur or startup business. A good startup advisor also acts as a sounding board. And so, some entrepreneurs assemble advisory boards which include multiple advisors.

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To grow your business, you need a perfect advisory to guide you at each step. They turned out to be the ideal person behind the successful startup journey. They are responsible for planning and executing business strategies and to improve efficiency.


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