An Entrepreneur's Guide to Better Thinking

Sunny Samanta

30th Aug'21
An Entrepreneur's Guide to Better Thinking | OpenGrowth


As an entrepreneur, I always had this feeling of carrying a unique coin from everywhere I go to everything I do. It is a coin that I can never spend, but instead, it keeps spending me in ways that sometimes become unfathomable to believe. One side of this coin keeps me in check with my entrepreneurial goals and dreams. It reminds me of why I took this when I could have taken up a financially secure job. The other side reminds me of responsibilities that I, at any cost, can no longer avoid or ignore. It's what constantly challenges me to either keep up or get taken down.

The beginning of an entrepreneurial journey fills us with thrill and joy, but the uncertainty of where it might end is the ride not everyone can take once, let alone again and again. After becoming an entrepreneur, immediately within a few weeks or months, you will realize that you have suddenly grown by 5-10 years in an instant. What makes this possible are the decisions that you have to take on almost a daily basis. Whether it is a big or a minor decision, you are responsible for the outcome of it.

If you are still wondering why I have been telling you about my thoughts, then here is why – For an entrepreneur, the way he thinks can make a lot of difference in many situations. You can have a great product and a great team, but your thinking must be in line to ensure productivity and gain. After all, good decisions can bring lots of positives to your company or startup. However, the decision taken in haste and without much thought process can undo all the productivity gains and demotivate your entire team.


Entrepreneurs Guide


Thinking Better as an Entrepreneur

Every entrepreneur must have made some awful decisions before making some great ones. Steve Jobs wasn't the Steve Jobs we knew from the get-go. Despite all the genius he had, he, too, had made some poor decisions. One of them had even cost him a place in his own company, i.e., Apple Inc. However, the way he turned his fortune to ultimately claiming his company back is a testimonial for all entrepreneurs on how better thinking can yield positive results. Therefore, based on his footprints and several others, you can check the entrepreneur's guide to better thinking below.


Entrepreneur Guide



If you are an entrepreneur or even aspires to be one in the future, then answer me this. Were you already thinking about the first point before you even checked the first step? You should pat your back if your answer is a "Yes."

Metacognition is the practice of thinking about what you have already considered. It is similar to the rethinking technology. Thinking about thinking can sound weird and complicated, but metacognition has several benefits. Practicing metacognition can not only help you analyze your thoughts better but, in the process, will also improve the quality of the way you think. As a result, even your brain will be enriched with better patterns to function correctly.




Beware of Mental Loops

Everyone has specific behavioral loops that somehow become a characteristic of a person. For example, the way someone flips their hair or picks their nose at random without even thinking about doing so. Likewise, we even have mental loops where our brain has developed a sure way to deal with lots of information at any time. It is an important lesson for entrepreneurial education.

After all, the wiring of our brain is so that it constantly seeks a pattern to apply its functionalities. It is what often makes us prone to bad decision-making. It happens because not everyone's mind gets trained to think critically whenever they have a task with a lot of information to process in a short amount of time. So, our brain can get triggered to send mixed-up reactions that may lead us to apply a different strategy in another place. However, you can counter such behavioral and mental patterns and start to think better by simply looking for ways to break the habit. Some common ways to accomplish this would be to read books, educate yourself, and, if necessary, practice some mental models designed for getting out of such loops.


Diversity at work


Adopt Diversity

As human beings, we tend to surround ourselves with like-minded people. It is because everyone wants to avoid confusion and complexities as much as possible. But if you're going to improve your thinking, you must cease to believe in such things and take up diversity as much as possible. Like-minded people will saturate your thoughts. However, working with people who can have diverse opinions can nurture our thinking for the greater good. Especially, having a male and female representation in a female and male startup, respectively, can do wonders for the whole team. Both males and females have an inevitable distinctive thought process that may allow you to have two different strong opinions on the same topic.


Mental loop


Don't Underestimate Emotional Agility.

You may have heard people saying that a person must be objective-oriented and shouldn't let emotions come in between their decisions to run a successful business. Well, they are sure not wrong, but in doing so, you might be losing out on some great team members and potential deals. Also, keeping our emotions aside can make us impulsive and rude. Both of them can even play out in your decision-making abilities. However, positive moods can help you avoid all of it. And to have positive attitudes, you need to have emotional agility. Emotional agility can keep your state of mind positive and save you a lot of stress and mistakes. Also, it goes onto explain why today kids can be entrepreneurs too?


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