An Unconventional Hiring Strategy To The Smartest Companies

An Unconventional Hiring Strategy To The Smartest Companies | OpenGrowth

We all have some secret of our success which we do not share with others. Like us, companies too have hiring strategies, and it varies from company to company. If you want to do something different from others hiring, you will have to think differently because if you will do what others are doing, you are not going to get more or better than them. You will achieve what others have achieved, and it is nothing less than walking in a herd- you always remain a part of the crowd.

A company can not be run on its own, you need different people to perform different jobs. Recruiting and hiring perfect employees is not an easy task, and it becomes tougher for small businesses with limited resources. So, if you want your company to achieve greater success, simply ask your HR to look and hiring the employees where others won't -- and take chances others won't.


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Some Unconventional Hiring Strategies to Hire Top Talents:

Google uses a very unique and exciting hiring process. It puts a tricky mathematical puzzle up on the billboards for all to see. Anyone who solves the billboard puzzle will unlock a URL with another puzzle, which if solved, leads to an offer to apply. Sounds like a treasure hunt? It's not less than that, hiring a talented employee is indeed a treasure hunt.

The job site TalentWorks surveyed nearly 7,000 job applicants across over 100 industries in 2018, and they found out that applicants who were fired, laid off, or quit their previous job within 15 months were nearly half as hirable as applicants who stayed at their previous job for more than 15 months. (13.4 percent of the "longer-term" candidates got interviews, compared to only 7.6 of them under 15-months.

And the reason is very simple, the average hiring manager spends less than 60 seconds scanning a resume, applicants who didn’t spend long at their last job clearly raised a red flag. For many, what appeared to be “job-hopping” was a straightforward, time-saving sorting tool. This not only wastes your time but also your company has spent efforts on people who are not fit for the role.

Don't take hiring as a task from which you have to get rid of, always remember they will be the people who will build your company. With so many people looking for a job, finding the right talent requires a little creativity.

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