Anamika Sengupta : Promoting  a Sustainable Lifestyle 


28th Feb'22
Anamika Sengupta : Promoting  a Sustainable Lifestyle  | OpenGrowth

“Sustainability, for me, is a process of daily living with the earth in mind.” - Anonymous 

An increase in urbanization has led to the overuse of preservatives and toxic products, which are bad for us and the environment. The pandemic has forced us to sit and notice all the toxic and unhealthy choices we make in our day-to-day lives. While food is an essential part of our lives, wellness, and sustainable living also play vital roles.

Using natural alternative products over chemical and toxic products is a wiser choice for the environment and your overall well-being. While sustainable entrepreneurship was growing in India slowly, the pandemic due to COVID- 19 gave a boost to it. 

Many mommy entrepreneurs are leading this with love and affection. Today we will share the journey of one of those mompreneurs who took a step to save the environment.

With grit and determination to create a better future and a sustainable environment. Anamika Sengupta founded Almitra Sustainables, a lifestyle brand that aims to provide eco-friendly alternatives for daily living that can help replace plastic.


What is Sustainable Living?

According to Ralph Bicknese, Sustainability is about ecology, economy, and equality. Sustainable living means understanding how our lifestyle choices affect the world around us and finding ways to make life better and easier for everyone. It aims to make positive changes that help to reduce climate change and other negative environmental concerns. In other words, whatever you take from the earth must be returned to it.

It is based on four main pillars: minimizing waste, limiting the use of earth’s natural resources, the wise use of the environment, and ensuring living environments.  


Who is Anamika Sengupta?

Anamika Sengupta wears many hats effortlessly! She is a mother, a champion of earth-friendly and conscious living, an animal activist, a social entrepreneur, an inspiring environmentalist, and the co-founder of Almitra Sustainables. 

Anamika is also the founder of one of India’s first baby-wearing brands, Alimitra Tattva, which works with Indian artisans and handlooms fabrics to provide eco-friendly and safe wraps for infants. 

With an honor’s degree in philosophy and a postgraduate diploma in mass media communication, the female entrepreneur has always been drawn to environmental education. She is a believer in the power of growing your food. 

Anamika is also an active participant in conversations around green living, conscious consumerism, and natural parenting. She has also been a speaker at the Asian Women in Leadership Summit, TedX, and has had a short film made about her work by NFDC. 


Anamika Sengupta


A Journey Towards Entrepreneurship 

Anamika's journey as a mom and an entrepreneur started simultaneously. After she was fired from her corporate job after maternity leave, she decided to launch Almitra Tattavs and Almitra Sustainable. 

In one of her interviews, she said, “ I was working in a managerial role with an IT giant, and was penalized for ‘being a woman and a new mother.” I became a victim of a sexist corporate company, which refused to accept me after my maternity leave.”

With a heavy heart, she bid adieu to the corporate world and her job. But as we say, every ending is a new beginning. It was the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey along with her husband, Biplab. 

Anamika’s journey of making sustainable resources available for others started with motherhood. She and her husband decided to raise their son, Neo, in an eco-friendly environment and the decision led them to seek alternatives to everyday synthetic materials. 


The Journey Towards an Eco-friendly Lifestyle 

A mother always wants to give every comfort and luxury to her child. Anamika too wanted to protect her child from the toxic environment and give him a sustainable lifestyle. Therefore, she launched Almitra Tattvaa, a babywearing art studio, in 2014, intending to reinvent the art of attachment parenting. 

Almitra Tattva is a well-known global babywearing name. It works closely with local artisans across the country to create woven wraps for infants using indigenous Indian weaves. The brand has a huge market presence in Europe and exports to over fifty-two countries. 

In one of her interviews, Anamika recalls, “We decided to start Alimta Sustainable in 2018 as a brand that not only offers earth-friendly solutions but also leads the transformation to create a more pure, natural, and sustainable world for future generations.”


Sustainable Living


Sustainable Products Every Day 

Almitra Sustainables offers a range of earth-friendly lifestyle alternatives, right from bamboo toothbrushes to reusable straws. The brand has ROI in terms of the support of a positive community supporting them in creating a range of products for the masses. 

Anamika says, “We work with coir clusters and turn coconut coir waste into innovative products like coir scrubbing pads and body scrubs, including Tawashis and body brushes. We have more than fifty possible options to embark on a more conscious and informed sustainable journey. The drive to find a substitute for every plastic article challenges us as a couple to do more while also maintaining our minimalistic consumerism approach to life and business.”


What’s Next?

There is always the next step in the journey. Anamika explains the future roadmap by saying, “ Our goal is to spread awareness about adopting sustainable lifestyle practices among the masses, and our products can be key facilitators for this change. Our larger aim is to motivate people to make the switch. We believe in slow and conscious consumerism and are happy to grow organically, at a natural pace.”


A Motherhood of Creativity

Anamika, a wonder woman believes, “ When women embrace motherhood, it’s overwhelming as your body and mind are coping with a new role and a whole new world. Many also feel that it’s the end of their creative self, but in my personal experience, I feel a woman’s creativity is at its peak during motherhood, and women need to believe in their ability as creators and not let Anthony or anyone deter them from their paths.”


Anamika Sengupta


The Final Words 

We are all aware of climate change, global warming, and resource depletion. In very simple ways, like using public transportation more often and reducing energy consumption, we can reduce our environmental impact and make the planet a cleaner and safer place.

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