Apple Sneakers: Sustainable Sneakers


18th Aug'20

Businesses have a sincere opportunity to help build a more sustainable future, one born of our common concern for the planet we share.


Apple shoes are the world’s most sustainable sneakers made up of apple peels. Komrads is the world’s first sustainable, high-quality sneakers made from apple peels along with recycled materials like rubber from cats tyres and laces from recycled ocean plastics.


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Shoes made from Apple


It’s time to widen your thinking, as apples are not only for eating, rather it is used to make a variety of products that we use on a daily basis.

Italy’s first Zero-Impact brand, Womsh, produces stylish sneakers using 100% non-toxic leather and now also presents a vegan collection made for innovative material apple skin. The companies around the world are providing a great choice between both sustainable leather as well as sustainable vegan leather shoes. And, it’s definitely a step in the right direction to heal the planet.

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Apple Skin Shoes


Here are some more companies that are making sneakers with the help of apple skin. The motto is to build a sustainable planet. 

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