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Apple To  Be Carbon Neutral By 2030 


9th Jun'22
Apple To  Be Carbon Neutral By 2030  | OpenGrowth

Apple never fails to amaze the world. Whether it’s the announcement to launch mixed reality device or the Apple car, it always makes sure to be in the headlines. The brand is again making headlines by promising to be carbon neutral by 2030.

The state of the planet is one of the major concerns for the human race. However, more and more people are joining the conversation. With the rise of social media, the younger generation is taking steps to save the planet.

We are all aware of the problems caused by carbon emissions to the environment and the human race. Many brands are already working to be sustainable and carbon-neutral, and now Apple is also in the league. Let’s look deep into the matter and see how Apple will fulfill its promise to be carbon neutral.


What does it mean to be  Carbon Neutral?

Carbon neutral is also known as carbon neutrality. It means having a balance between carbon emissions and absorbing carbon from the atmosphere in carbon sinks. Companies become carbon neutral when they calculate their carbon emissions and compensate for what they have produced from carbon offsetting projects. 


Apple Promises to Be Carbon Neutral by 2030


Statement by the Authorities 

Apple’s officials recently released a few statements regarding their promise. 


Lisa Jackson’s Statement 

Lisa Jackson, Apple's vice president of Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives, recently dropped the company’s latest Environment Progress Report.

The report stated,  “By 2030, we’re committing to total carbon neutrality. We are already carbon neutral for our corporate emissions, including corporate travel- resulting from our use of 100 percent renewable electricity for our facilities and investing in high-quality projects that protect and restore forests, wetlands, and grasslands. And we’re well on our way in our supply chain. But we’re going further to cover our entire, end-to-end footprint. Down to the shipping that moves our products around the world, and the energy used to power our customers’ devices.”  

The report further stated, “ This initiative will support not just our carbon goal but all of our ongoing environmental ambitions. Like our visionary goal of closing the loop on our supply chain and one day no longer mine materials from the earth. Many of our products now contain higher percentages of recycled material than ever before, but we won’t be content until that number hits 100 percent for all of our devices.”   


Tim Cook’s Statement 

According to Tim Cook, Apple's Ceo, “ Every company should be a part of the fight against climate change, and together with our suppliers and local communities, we are demonstrating all of the opportunity and equity green innovation can bring. We are acting with urgency and we are acting together. But time is not a renewable resource, and we must act quickly to invest in a greener and more equitable future.” 


The Road Map to Carbon Reduction

Apple has a detailed approach with a ten-year roadmap that will lower emissions. It includes: 


Low carbon product design

It will continue the use of low carbon and recycled material in its products. The products will be recyclable and energy-efficient. 


Expanding energy efficiency 

Apply will find new and innovative ways to lower energy use. Apple has invested in energy-efficient upgrades to over 6.4 million square feet in the last year. 


Using renewable energy 

Apple will stick to 100 percent renewable energy for its operations. It will also focus on creating new projects and moving the supply chain to clean power. The brand is launching one of the largest solar arrays in Scandinavia. 


Technology Improvement 

Apple will manage the carbon emission through technological improvement in the process and materials. It is supporting the development of the carbon-free aluminum smelting process by investing and collaborating with two of its aluminum suppliers. 


Apple Promises to Be Carbon Neutral by 2030


Removing Carbon 

Apple is investing in forests and sustainable solutions around the world to remove carbon from the atmosphere. It has partnered with Conservation International,  Wildlife Fund, and Conservation International to reduce carbon emissions. It has also protected and improved the management of over one million acres of forests and natural climate in China, the United States, Colombia, and Kenya. 



Apple’s plan to be carbon neutral by 2030 is quite impressive. The company is carbon neutral today and its new commitment means that every Apple device sold in the future will have a net-zero climate impact. 

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