Apps That Are Making Work From Home Easy


8th Dec'21

After the SARS COVID-19 pandemic, the world went on a complete lockdown. The pandemic forced us to start working from home instead of going to the office. Work from home is something that not only employees are choosing for safety, but the government believes in too.  Working from home was thought to be easy, but eventually, it became a challenge.

Imagine, you are having an important discussion with the company's board members and suddenly, the dog starts barking, or the vendors start singing. The level of embarrassment and anxiety will touch a fever pitch.

Fortunately, technology has the solution to every problem. Remote working will be bigger and better in future. Many apps make remote working a smooth process, whether video conferencing, sharing data, or keeping track of the work. These apps are making work from home easy. 

Here we have a list of popular apps making this easy during work from home. 



Krisp is suggested as the best app to block background noise. For the people working from home, Krisp is a modern miracle. The app certainly works as a bridge between the microphone and the communication app. The app works with more than 800 communication apps.

Krisp uses artificial intelligence(AI)  to isolate the voice while blocking pets' noise, keyboards, clacks, and many more. While the apps like Zoom have a built-in background noise suppression, the higher you crank it up, the more the jumbled voice sounds. 

The app somehow manages to block the unwanted sounds. The free version of the app offers 240 minutes of clean audio per week. The unlimited plan of clear audio starts from $12 per month. 


Work from home



While working from home, it becomes challenging to focus on the given task. Meanwhile, mobile phones fully support the procrastinating process. This can lead to delayed work and eventually burdened up with the work. 

There is no shortage of forced focus apps in the market, but Forest offers a spin on the category. Tap the “ Plant Tree” button to start growing a little virtual tree. As long as you stay away from the phone, the tree will grow. If you try to exit the app to mess around your phone, the trees will die. And no one wants to destroy the plants. Right? 

The default time app time is 25 minutes. Get yourself focused and grow a little forest of productivity. The app is a one-time purchase at two dollars. In the paid one, you will earn coins that you can use to play real-life trees via the app’s partnership with the  Future organization. It makes a win-win situation all around. 



Working the whole day, no hour-long lunch, no conference rooms, no co-working staff,  no chit-chat with the colleagues, no trips from the desk for tea and coffee. Working without breaks makes the work boring and monotonous. That is where Stretchy is used. 

Stretchly app forces you to take a break of twenty seconds after every fifteen-minute and a three-minute break every hour. The breaks make a huge difference mentally and physically.

The short breaks help to refocus on the work or do some neck swirls or reposition the chair, which takes less time. During the longer breaks, one can step away from the desk for a bit, can do a mini-workout or the things that refresh the mind.

You can set the time interval according to the working hours and even tell the app not to let you skip the breaks. 

Working from home



This is yet another background noise app but with additional features. myNoise has more than two hundred sounds. One can choose sounds from the categorization, like “ I need to focus”, `` It's too quiet,” “I need the inspiration to write,” and a bunch of helpful options to focus on. 

The sound can be played within the app or on the mobile. The app has Android as well as iPhone versions available. Every generated sound features ten tweakable audio sliders to create a perfect mix.

Few of the generated soundtracks are even streamable from Spotify, Amazon Music, and iTunes. 



Zapier is one of the most useful apps. An app is an automation tool that helps to save time for repetitive tasks during working hours.  Zapier created “zaps” which automate tasks for the user. The zaps help to automate repetitive tasks like uploading files manually to google drive. It assists you in avoiding constant switching between the apps.

The app exchanges the data between apps like Gmail and Google. One can integrate the apps, create zaps, and can build the automation. 


Remote working



According to Buffers’ report, despite having the freedom to work from anywhere, 84 percent of the remote workers still prefer to work from or the co-working space from miscommunication to procrastination in work. Working from home has many challenges. The pandemic has made people work from home and these applications can somewhat make the work easy. The small things features in the application can make a huge difference in working style. In fact, you should also know the work from home essentials to live the most productive life.

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