Are Sleeping Pods Important in Office?

Sunny Samanta

26th Feb'21
Are Sleeping Pods Important in Office? | OpenGrowth

“A lot of times I wished I could nap for a while in my office space” – Employees

Most people with job experience can instantly relate to the quote used above. Between the morning rushes to get to the office in time and working overtime to meet deadlines, a lot of things take place in the life of a working professional. And somewhere between there, maybe after lunch/tiffin break or after an intense morning schedule at work many of us must have had the desire to take a quick break to rejuvenate ourselves or simply to not work further in the day.

Until recently, many places practiced an extensive 40-60 working hours in a week. Whether this is an ideal thing has always been a topic of debate but sleeping in pods has now become a thing in some places. This is due to the belief that people know they value health and work equally like it was always supposed to be.

Some people believe that the human body after working for a certain number of hours daily becomes a lot less productive and allowing them to have sleeping breaks at the office can make them more productive. Body fatigue is also a reason why many people are against long working hours. But even after considering every aspect of our daily work routine can we be sure about sleeping pods in the office. Let’s have a look at it below starting with what is a sleeping pod in the first place.


What is a Sleeping Pod?

Sleeping pods are also known as napping pods or nap capsules are special chairs or pod-like structures provided in working spaces such as offices, universities, and hospitals where people are allowed to take private sleeping breaks. The sleeping pods are mostly upgraded with technologies and ambient features to help a person rejuvenate themselves and in turn be more productive in their designated job.


Why was it Introduced in the Office?

Today, in the cutthroat competitive world most people at their job place are found mostly at edges to keep delivering. This is because companies expect nothing less than maximum effort from their employees. Study shows that this has been rapidly becoming a cause of mental stress for many and rigorous working hours are having a negative impact on our brain functioning. 

Several companies identifying with this growing problem have now decided to provide sleeping pods to their employees. They see this as an amicable solution to ensuring that their employees do not suffer from stress, sleep deprivation, or even worse insomnia and at the same time, are able to collect the best outputs from their work.


Sleeping Pod in Office


Sleeping Pods in Office: A Necessity or A Luxury?

While the sleeping pods have slowly made their presence felt in some offices, a new topic for debate has shown itself up. Because of the extra investment that goes into this, people are contemplating whether sleeping pods are a necessity or is just another luxury addition in the office. And to understand that let us look at some statistics and explanations behind its implementation in office.

KJT Group, a global market research firm, in the year 2019 conducted an online study on behalf of Philips. In this study, as many as 11,006 adults from 12 different countries participated. All of the participants involved were either 18 years of age or older. The key outcome of the study revealed India at the top for most restful populations. This meant that Indian adults get the most quality sleep amongst the 12 countries that were a part of this study.


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Similarly, a survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation revealed that adults in the USA get an average sleep of about 6 hours and 30 minutes. Adults in the UK are able to sleep for just about 10 more minutes than the adults of the USA on average. However, it is Japan that suffers the most where the average sleeping hours are only about 6 hours daily.

A brief outcome from this can be comfortably made that long working hours eventually take a toll on people resulting in mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, and sleep deprivation. Therefore, sleeping pods could be more seen as a necessity to fit along within today’s competitive world than a luxury or unnecessary addition in the office.


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