Ashwini Asokan: CEO and Founder of Mad Street Den, Artificial Intelligence Startup

Roshni Khatri

4th Mar'22

Have you ever tried to communicate with a Machine or robot? These words directly make you think about the images of robots and superheroes. As far as Artificial intelligence is concerned there is a great scope in this field. Women are taking more initiative in this technical field and have many challenges to cope with.

In today’s scenario, women entrepreneurs are overcoming the challenges of equality and turning business ideas into realities. Although challenges of women entrepreneurs make them stronger and being your own boss and operating the business is now becoming more popular.

Women are having a significant role in boosting the economy. You can also get inspired by the story of Ashwini Asokan, founder of Mad Street Den. A computer vision Artificial intelligence company working on AI technologies.

Artificial intelligence makes it possible for computers, machines and robots to learn from the inputs and behave like humans. You might have heard most AI examples are chess-playing computers and self-driving cars, which rely on deep learning and natural language processing. Thus, AI is the computer-based program in which the computers are built to complete any specific task as per the given instructions.


Ashwini Asokan


By using these technologies computers can be trained to accomplish specific goals and get done all the tasks by time. This requires a large amount of processing data and recognizing the pattern of AI and its technology.

Ashwini Asokan was interested in the technical field. Therefore she worked in the information technology company Intel and has experience in dealing with computerized devices. Later in 2016, she invested in a start-up based on Artificial intelligence.

Let’s begin with the inspiring story of Ashwni and Mad Street Den!


About Ashwini and her Startup Journey

Ashwini Asokan was born in a family where all the members are from computer sciences backgrounds. She wants to do something different and creative in life, and therefore she chose to become a dancer.

After 12th, she was admitted to Visual Communication. As she desired to do something creative, she pursued this technical course. Later Ashwini went to the U.S. with her husband, Anand Chandrasekaran. She decided to study further and completed her Master's degree in Interaction Design.

Ashwini has spent more than 10 years in Intel, Silicon Valley. She has the experience of working with a versatile team of engineers, scientists, designers and social scientists to create a context-aware system to life.

In 2016, Ashwini Asokan incorporated the company, Mad Street Den. She has a powerful team that is working to give insight and learning skills to the machines so that they can follow the instructions and can complete the tasks as humans do. The company is working across the US, UK, Europe, Latam and Japan.

The team of Ashwini is known to build the most important techniques and AI products. She is part of a Cloud-based start-up and has built one of the world’s first retail-based AI platforms.

Thus Ashwini works as an entrepreneur and is different from others. As there are many entrepreneurial skills that women entrepreneurs know better than men. AI technology has given a new and different lifestyle to the consumer industry. She is a product leader and works at the intersection of social and cultural technology systems. AI helps computers and machines to work as humans do.


Designing of Product

Ashwini worked with Intel as her product design development. In this way, AI became her strength and this strength and interest in artificial intelligence gave her the idea to initiate a start-up in the AI sector. She made up her mind, came to India and launched Mad Street Den.



Artificial Intelligence is having vital scope, so all the corporations and sectors want to use AI technology as it would make the work easier and less complicated. Ashwini gave the boost to a start-up which she started with her husband Anand Chandrasekaran, a neuroscientist.

The AI program helps the machine to work and think like a human. Besides this, the company has launched a intelligent-based automation solution that will help online, across the social channel.


 Mad Street Den

The company is an information technology organization and has its headquarters in California and offices in Seattle and Chennai (India).  The entity has launched, a software and program which works with marque retailers, brands and marketplaces all over the world. The mission of the company is to build models of generalizable intelligence on a scale that can be used through meaningful applications across industries globally.

With this, the organization's fashion industry intelligence work is based on automation. In other words, Mad Street Den has made an AI platform to design meaningful applications. This is the application that gives all the alerts that may arise in the working process of the company.  Besides this is the first vertical AI program that has been launched for intelligent retail automation.


Ashwini Asokan


The backers of the Mad Street Den include KDDI-Global Brain Japan and Rocketship VC, Exfinity Ventures and Sequoia Capital.  The organization has introduced a podcast of hundred entrepreneurs, who are indulged with venture capitalists and investors. Ashwini works hard to deliver the best value-added services to clients and customers.

 Thus women are leading ahead in all the sectors and proving themselves. You can also explore the ways to empower women globally as women empowerment has become the most integral part of the success of female business owners.



Aswini Asokan is a creative lady and has set the targets to achieve in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The technical sector is growing very fast and in every industry, there is a significant role of information technology. Ashwini has shown her interest in this field and is a successful product designer in her company.  She has been working to explore how artificial intelligence can bring a new change in the commercial world.

With this Ashwini is working to make it easily accessible for billions of people in the world.  She is the best example of women's empowerment and has given a helping hand to many industries by providing technical support and guidance. Thus this is the inspiring story of the Mad street Den’s Ashwini Asokan. A lady with self-determination and hard work made it possible to initiate the journey of an entrepreneur. Get inspired by her creativity and stay tuned with us for more inspiring stories!


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