Automation, AI, and Blockchain: Transforming the Recruitment Industry

Sunny Samanta

3rd Feb'21

“Predicting the future isn’t magic, it is artificial intelligence.”

It is no secret that technology has been taking over manual labor and will continue to do so in the future. Once that, Artificial Intelligence (AI), was paradisiacal to the science fiction movie has now become a reality. AI and automation in tandem have dramatically improved lives while making several tasks simple to execute than before.

With the invention of the blockchain, we are more than likely nearing a technology driven era. Industries and businesses will be constantly affected by automation, AI, and Blockchain insertion but there is one industry where the integration of these three technologies will completely change the game and, i.e., the Recruitment industry. Must Read

Here we will discuss some of the possible developments which we can see the recruitment industry embracing sooner.

Automation in the Repetitive Task Management

Automation is the one technological development that has impacted the transformation of recruitment agencies. Especially, in the case of the back office, where the technology has taken over managing the important but repetitive task efficiently. Thus, enabling the staff of the agency to focus on the more important stuff.

The impact of automation in repetitive task management can be seen in essential operations such as formatting and approving timesheets.

AI and the Talent Search

While automation is providing valuable input in which the technology can refine back office process, AI is making vast leaps in helping the recruiting agencies search for untapped talents. A bright for how impactful AI can be seen in its ability to help recruiters to locate apt candidates with the available opportunities.

AI has been so much booming because it is proving transformative by eliminating the unconscious bias that can often influence the applicant selection progress. It uses keywords based on skill and experience to search contractor CVs and create a shortlist of the best people to be hired for the job.

AI in Transforming the Recruitment Industry

AI’s iterative learning capability plays a unique role in the recruitment processes as with more data the AI technology processes, the better it can generate results. This means that the more AI-based solutions are used by a recruitment agency, the more it will have at recruiting the right person for the job.




Blockchain and the Evolution of Process and Payments

A great impactful change that has blessed the industry transformation is blockchain technology. This is an immutable and safe way of storing data and managing transactions. As a result, it has changed the way of transactions throughout industries. And when it comes to the recruitment industry there are two significant ways in which it can evolve recruitment.

Data control 

when it comes to data control, blockchain is an important subject of discussion. This has sparked a conversation, courtesy of the recent legislation like GDPR, as to who can have the authority over the personal data. The consensus believes that the candidates should have the most control over their data.

With blockchain, the candidates will certainly hold the most control over their data and it will be them deciding which potential recruiters and employers they want to share the details with. This will lead to the creation of more negotiable space for the clients and contractors to seal the deal where the recruitment agencies will have a more “talent agent” role.

Transaction Process

Besides transforming the data control storage and management process, blockchain has been making waves in the transaction process as well. It has led to the creation of an infrastructure that can process commands in real time. This means that both the contractor and its recruitment agency can avail the same day payment. Here, in terms of both access to the cash and providing the competitive offer to luring a new talent through daily payments is huge.

Simultaneously, with the building process technology, blockchain will be able to create high levels of security and encryption to ensure that the clients can be at ease with this quick revertable transaction model.

Integrating all Three Technology to Transforming the Recruitment Industry

The presence of AI, automation, and blockchain has undeniably created an exciting time for the recruitment technologies and agencies now have the potential to be smarter, quicker, and more operational today. However, from the business point of view, the recruitment agencies must be careful while selecting software to successfully integrate the technology with existing processes and systems.


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