Avoid Knowledge Theft


In the world of start-ups, ideas are probably the greatest asset. And it's no wonder – a truly breakthrough idea can make you a millionaire. But, beware and keep your ideas safe.

If you dare to create good things, be ready to face people who will copy, steal and mimic the same. If you're first to enter the market with a new product or an innovative idea, it's almost guaranteed that the moment you start to see success, you will suddenly be blinded by copycats.

Competition is good, and it fuels us with more energy to do good work. But when your work is being used and ideas being copied, it becomes plagiarism. Plagiarism is an act of theft of ideas or works done by someone else and passing it on as your own.

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Avoid Knowledge Theft


How to keep your ideas safe?

Copycats are unavoidable, but how you deal with them will be the difference between achieving continued success and becoming a one-hit-wonder. Thankfully, in today's world, we have the solution to almost every problem. Plagiarism check helps us know the originality of work. 

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Avoid Knowledge Theft


How to pitch an idea to a company

Besides uploading and sharing your ideas or products on social media or in public, you also put it out while pitching. In that process, there might be other candidates who copy your idea.

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Can A Developer Steal My Idea?

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