Balancing Team, Investor, and Customer Expectations with Scale

Neda Ali (Editor)

9th Mar'21
Balancing Team, Investor, and Customer Expectations with Scale | OpenGrowth

Balancing Team, Investor, and Customer Expectations 

Balance in every domain of life is an essential component – in business too. Unless companies can balance customer expectations and business desires, they would end up either dissatisfy their customers or effecting losses to themselves. With the strength to make or break now shifted to customers, it has to serve essential that companies provide an outstanding level of customer service. Great service enhance customer experiences, which in turn translates to loyalty, bigger spending, repeat business, and brand advocacy from the customers. 


Balance Business Needs VS. Customer Needs

Everyone in the company should be accountable for retaining the balance between customer expectations and business wants. It is in everyone’s reasonable interest that the company’s customers stay happy leading to the success of the company- without customers, there would be no company and no jobs. Hence, management resources, putting in an excellent effort, and doing whatever it takes to keep customers pleased while meeting, the business requirement should be part of the key accomplishment indicators for each person in the organization, irrespective of level or job position. Each person must have balanced accountability toward balancing customer expectations and business desires such that core processes improve, inefficiency reduces, costs are lowered and there is an overall increase in customer satisfaction.

Therefore, it is the onus of every company to formulate strategies and plans to assure that they are continuing consistent in balancing customer expectations and business wants, guaranteeing that everyone wins and achieves.

 Customer Expectations and Business Needs

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Balancing Customer Expectations and Business Needs

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Business Needs VS. Customer Needs


Balancing The Needs Of Internal And External Stakeholders

It is well known that sufficiently managing the input of your stakeholders is significant to the achievement of any project. To get all stakeholders on the same page, management wants to identify who the stakeholders are and which key issues are their drivers. At the same time, management needs to keep in sense the fact that long-term profitability is important to the survival and achievement of the company.

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Balance and Resolve Competing Stakeholder Requirements

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