9 Benefits of using Integrated Payments


24th Sep'22
9 Benefits of using Integrated Payments | OpenGrowth

Now that the world has shifted online, each factor of the online world is becoming more and more sophisticated. When it comes to payments and business software, integrated payments are the talk of the town. It can greatly benefit your business. If you are juggling the idea of incorporating integrated payments into your business, it will help you to understand what integrated payments are and how integrated payments work.


What Are Integrated Payments?


The term integrated payment is a broad term. Integrated payment processing systems take all of the payment information and deliver it where it needs to be. This makes things quite easy to manage for business operations. The level of integration for integrated payment processing systems depends on the requirements a business might have. There are many advantages of integrated payments, as you will read ahead. 


While some software is complex, others are simpler and only copy and paste data into other forms. No matter what your business needs, there is an option available for you. 


How do Integrated Payments Benefit Businesses?


Let's go over some of the advantages of integrated payments!


1. Automation Saves Money


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When you start using integrated payments for your business, you end up saving a lot of money in the long run. Manually it takes a good chunk of time to review payment information. As a business owner, you have to essentially pay off these man hours. On the other hand, if you have an automated, integrated payment system, you can reduce the hours put into reviewing payments significantly.


2. Less accounting errors, more accuracy 


Integrated payments systematically arrange all the payment information. The information is copied to the software as it has been entered by the customer; this removes any chance of error on your part as there is no middleman entering information.


3. Integrated Payments Open Up Payment Methods


One of the biggest advantages of an integrated payments system is that the software comes with all different kinds of payment methods. This works well for the business as it accommodates all the customers with different payment preferences.


Most integrated payments software enables businesses to accept payments through various mediums such as mobile payments, credit or debit card payments, online payments (such as PayPal or UPI), gift card payments, and more. This creates a better payment experience for your customers. Having more payment options reflects a better cash flow as well.


4. Allows for Better Oversight of Financial Transactions


Integrated payment systematically tracks all of your financial transactions. This helps in better understanding the cash flow of your business. You can easily monitor all the transactions your business receives over time. Interpreting these transitions carefully can help you make better decisions related to cash flow, sales, and growth of your business.


5. Helps in Taking Better Informed Marketing Decisions


An integrated payments system records all the details systematically. You can study this data to understand which product is doing well and which is not. In other words, the information and data recorded by an integrated payment system help you understand the sales trends; additionally, it allows you to easily observe the impact of discounts and offers on sales and calculate the profit margins to the last decimal. You can use this information to fine-tune your marketing strategy.


6. Better Security


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Digital payment security is very important when running an online business. It is the top most concern that every business has in today's day and age. If you use various different types of systems, governing them becomes difficult; hence you become more likely to have a data breach.


Using integrated payments significantly increases security. When the payment processing and accounting functions are combined, there are fewer chances of a security breach. Integrated payment systems provide end-to-end encryption that makes them quite safe.


Additionally, when a business accepts credit cards as payment, it has to abide by PCI compliance. If you use an integrated payment system, it handles the compliances for you making your work easier!


7. Easier to track your finances


An integrated payment system makes it easy for you to track your business finances.

You don't have to gather details from multiple sources as they are all recorded in the same place. This eliminates missing an incoming payment or counting a payment twice and other such errors. Other than accounting, you can use this information to discover patterns in your transactions. This can help you in making important decisions for your business. 


Integrated payments make sales easier to manage without the hassle of dealing with payments manually or having several systems set up for different payment methods. It frees up a lot of your time to focus on growing and improving your business rather than monitoring a payment being processed.


8. Less Friction in The Sales Funnel


An easy and effective way of improving your user experience is to have fewer steps in the sales funnel. If it is difficult to buy from you or there are multiple steps, the customer will become less likely to buy from you, i.e. your rate of conversion will be quite low, and that is not desirable for any business. If a user can buy directly from your website without going to a separate payment gateway, they will be more likely to go back to their cart and add something else to increase their order size.

9. Earn additional income


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Introducing an integrated payment system can be a game changer for you. It can easily set you apart from your competition, especially if it is uncommon in your industry. These days major niche competitors only have minor differences; hence this could be that one thing that distinguishes you from the rest. 


Moreover, you will have to hire at least one less person in your accounts department; as we all know, chasing invoices is a full-time job in itself. The bottom line in business and life is that the money you don't have to spend, you should not spend.


Key Takeaways


  • Payment integration is important for every business, especially those that primarily run online.


  • A payment processing system that accurately records and manages your payment process and information are greatly useful, as it saves a lot of time in addition to bringing in greater accuracy.


  • As a business owner, if you are not using it already, you must consider using it from now on! 


These were some advantages of integrated payments. I hope this blog was useful to you. Integrated payment systems are greatly useful for all businesses; they make payments easier, more secure, and easy to monitor.


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