Best Covid-19 Travel Insurance Plans


7th Feb'22

"Travel is the only thing that makes you richer."- Anonymous. 

So you are here! Then my guess is right. You are a travel junkie who lives from vacation to vacation! That also means the SARS COVID-19 pandemic has taught you the importance of traveling and life. Now you are a bird in a cage who wants to fly in the blue sky with protection and safety.

Travel is considered the only thing that helps you to understand various aspects of life. But wait! What will you do in the event of an emergency? Will you travel without a travel insurance plan? It appears to be a bad idea! I know you might be thinking, what is a travel insurance plan? What are its types? Is it important to have one? Or it might sound silly to you.

But the truth is travel insurance is an important entity these days, especially when you travel abroad. Still, don't believe me? Then be with us till the end. We will walk through the best travel insurance plan that you should opt for traveling after this pandemic.


What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is an umbrella designed to protect you against the rain of risks and financial losses that could happen while traveling. Buying travel insurance not only gives you safety in all unpredictable situations but also helps you cherish all the moments of traveling to your desired destination. 

If you want to avoid risks like flight delays, loss of your baggage, loss of your passport, or any unforeseen medical emergency, having travel insurance becomes extremely important. You must be thinking buying insurance is a bad idea, but remember, safety is better than a sorry. 


Types of Travel Insurance Policy

There are two types of insurance policies.


  1. Single Trip Policy  

The single trip policy is considered best for one-time travelers. This policy lasts for 180 days, and however, you can request an extension.


2. Annual Multi-Trip Policy 

Itinerant? Then this policy is solely for you. The annual multi-trip policy is valid for several trips in a year. The average time range of this policy is between 30-45 days. You can choose the plan according to your needs. 

Covid-19 plans


Best Travel Insurance Plans

Various companies in the market offer the best-tailored plans to travel enthusiasts. After the pandemic, the insurance plans majorly focused on health and medical issues with revolutionized hospitality experience. You can choose plans according to your budget and needs. 


International Travel Insurance Plan 

The international travel insurance plan includes features like loss of baggage, no medical tests for people aged 80 and above, cashless hospitalization, and many basic things. 


Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plan 

For senior citizens, traveling around the world is a bit tough. Several companies offer senior citizen travel insurance plans for senior citizens' safe and stress-free travel. The insurance covers pre-existing illness, emergency medical expenses, personal liability, emergency financial assistance, dental treatments, etc. 


The Asia Travel Insurance Plan 

While traveling to any Asian or South Asian country, the Asian travel insurance plan comes into the picture. The benefits of this insurance include medical emergencies, loss of passport, emergency fund assistance, and many more. 


An Individual Travel Insurance Plan 

Individual travel insurance plans have various benefits for solo travelers. The plan covers medical expenses, emergency dental expenses, medical evacuation, accidental death, cash allowance, and baggage-related issues. 


Family Travel Insurance Plan 

A family travel insurance plan is quite similar to an individual insurance plan. It just provides cover for all members of your family, and it covers the same things and benefits that are in an individual travel insurance plan. 


Domestic Travel Insurance Plan 

People often choose travel insurance only when they travel out of the country. However, emergence comes without invitation, and they can come and leave by taking a lump sum amount from your savings. So, if you are traveling in the country, then take a domestic insurance plan for your safety.

The domestic travel insurance plan includes almost the same benefits as other travel insurance plans. It provides services for baggage loss, missed flights, medical emergencies, and many more. 


Group Travel Insurance Plan 

Who does not like vacations with a big group of friends and family? Everyone does! The group travel insurance is offered to twenty or more individuals. It benefits the group with trip delay, loss of documents, loss of baggage, and many more.  


Insurance plans


The Advantages of Travel Insurance Plan 

  • Helps with the emergency medical expenses. 

  • Helps with loss of passport and important documents.

  • In case of an emergency, help with emergency cash or funds.

  • Provides cover for personal accidents or accidental death. 

  • Helps with the trip cancellations and trip delays. 


Inclusion and Exclusion in Travel Insurance Plan

Different plans have different inclusion and exclusion plans, and we have pointed out some of the prominent among them.


Inclusions in the Travel Insurance Plan 

  • Loss of documents. 

  • Medical expenses.

  • Emergency cash allowance.

  • Trip delays.

  • Accidental death/disability.

  • Delay of checked documents.


Exclusion in Travel Insurance Plan 

  • Expenses due to war or terrorism.

  • Expenses due to drugs or alcohol.

  • Pre-existing diseases or disabilities.

  • Emergencies because of adventure sports.

  • Spa/cosmetic or any other kind of treatment. 

  • Traveling against medical advice. 


Best covid-19 insurance plans


Things to Remember Before Getting any Travel Insurance Plan 

  • Be specific about the things you want in your travel insurance plan.

  • Check and read each point of the terms and conditions thoroughly.

  • Compare the policies and choose the best one for you.

  • If you are engaged in a risky sport or game, make sure your plan covers it. 

  • For insurance, make a different budget and stick to it.

  • If you need, ask the advisors and experts before buying the plan. 


Why do you Need Travel Insurance?

You have not seen the future, and the situation is unforeseen in foreign lands. Travel insurance acts as a safeguard against many situations. Therefore, it has become important to buy the best travel insurance plan in your budget and convenience to deal with unpredictability. 



Traveling is the best experience one can have, and it helps us to understand the real meaning of life. The pandemic played a significant role in helping us realize how important it is to travel and experience life. Therefore, include a travel insurance plan on your bucket list and enjoy traveling with safety. Also, remember to keep the Covid-Status certificate along with you.

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