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Best Energy-Efficient Air Conditioners of 2022 


25th Mar'22
Best Energy-Efficient Air Conditioners of 2022  | OpenGrowth

Air conditioners are the first love of modern consumers! They save us from the humid and unbearable heat. But in our comfort, we forget that those conditioners harmfully impact the environment too. How?  The conditioner units require a lot of energy to operate, which leads to global warming and eventually leads to climate change

Observing the environmental harm and degradation, it becomes important to get rid of these old-fashioned air conditioners and adopt something new. 

But what? Well! We have a piece of good news: manufacturers are developing alternatives to hydrofluorocarbons and other ways to make air conditioning more sustainable and energy-efficient. We have put together a list of some energy-efficient air conditioners that are leading the market. 


Types of Energy- Efficient Air Conditioners 

From central initialized to portable modes, air conditioners come in a variety of sizes and features. You can choose what suits your needs. 

The different types of air conditioners are:

  • Split Air Conditioners. 

  • Packaged air-conditioning systems.

  • Window air- conditioning units.

  • Portable air conditioners.

  • Ductless Mini-Split air conditioners.

  • Inverter air conditioners. 


The Best Energy- Efficient Air Conditioners 

These energy-efficient air conditioners not only reduce the carbon footprint but are also financially smart and do a better job of cooling your home. 


1. Lennox SL28XCV Air Conditioner 

The SL28XCV is widely regarded as having the most energy-efficient central air conditioner. Thanks to its variable-speed inverter compressor, it has managed to get a  28 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) and a 17.6 EER ( Estimated Energy Required) rating. 

Moreover, the consumer can cut costs on the air conditioner by pairing the SL28XCV with Lennox’s iComfort S30 smart thermostat to program on/off times and set schedules. 



  • High  SEER rating.

  • Quiet Operation.

  • Smart thermostat.



  • Highly Expensive. 


Energy efficient air conditioners


2. Keystone Energy Star 5,000 BTU Air Conditioner 

The Keystone Energy Star is a small window air conditioner. Its operating modes and energy-efficient rating make it the best option for anyone who needs an affordable air conditioner to cool a single room. 

It has a 12.1 EER rating, which makes it the most efficient window air conditioner on the market. The air conditioner also comes with a remote control that doubles as the unit’s thermostat, making it easier to operate. 



  • Top-notch energy-efficient rating.

  • Remote control with thermostat for even cooling 



  • Only for smaller rooms. 


3. Amana AVXC20 Air Conditioner 

 The AVXC20 is ranked as the most efficient central air conditioner on the market. It has a  24.5 SEER rating and has an inverter variable-speed compressor that keeps energy use low. It is also equipped with a ComfortNet thermostat, offering more potential cost savings to the users. 

The air conditioners also monitor the system and notify the user when it requires maintenance. Moreover, it can be controlled remotely and set up to increase the temperature when no one is at home. 



  • Highly energy-efficient. 

  • Have ComfortNet smart thermostat system 



  • Expensive upfront cost. 


4. LG 18,000 BTU Smart Window Air Conditioner 

This conditioner is efficient and quiet. This same window air conditioner has a 14.4 EER rating and puts out 18,000 BTUs on just 1,250 watts. It can cool spaces of up to one thousand square feet. Therefore, it is best for big family rooms. 

By its name, it is very clear that the air conditioner is smart, and the user can turn the unit off remotely and set a schedule via a smartphone, which saves money. 



  • High-efficiency rating.

  • Smart and can be controlled by phones.

  • Ideal for large rooms.



  • Highly expensive.


5. Midea U Inverter Window Air Conditioner 

 The Midea U Inverter uses inverter technology to vary the flow of energy to the unit based on demand. It has a 13.3 EER  rating. It saves 35% more energy than a conventional air conditioner.

The design has the added benefit of allowing the windows to be opened without uninstalling the air conditioner. 



  • Highly equipped.

  • Quiet operation.

  • Energy efficient 



  • It is more expensive than a traditional air conditioner. 


Best energy efficient ac


How to Choose the Best Energy Efficient Conditioner?

 Before buying anything, we always have an outline in our mind. Then why not in the case of air conditioners? We have got a few of them to remember. 

  • The size and the square footage.

  • British Thermal Units.

  • Its temperature and energy-efficient setting.

  • It has a high energy-efficiency rating.

  • Its smart features.


Why Choose an Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner?

Choosing an energy-efficient conditioner has its advantages for the environment and the user. We have listed a few of them below:

  • They are highly equipped and have superior performance.

  • As compared to traditional air conditioners that have a longer life span.

  • They are cost-effective and reduce the energy you use for cooling your home.

  • The most important reason to choose an energy-efficient conditioner is that they are environmental -friendly. 



As per your convenience, you can choose the most energy-efficient conditioner. It will help in sustainable development and reduction of carbon footprint.  Your small step of flipping from a traditional air conditioner to an energy-efficient air conditioner can have a great and positive impact on the environment. Therefore, choose wisely for yourself and the environment. 

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