8 Best EVs Coming in 2022

Supriti Tripathy

3rd Feb'22

We have raved technology from the 20th century because of its breakthrough evolution. Today you can get everything done sitting at the comfort of your home using a miniature tech device. Adding on to the beauty of the lavish lives we can live today due to innovative technology (like scanbinlight-emitting tattoos, and bone conduction headphones), electric vehicles(EVs) are soon joining us. In the wake of 2022, we are thrilled to bring the news of the upcoming best EVs that have made their way through the gloomy pandemic years. What’s more interesting is that the reports suggest that 2021 saw a marked increase in the sale of EVs, with the number reaching 2.65 million. 

The height of pre-orders has overwhelmed the production companies to the extent of them increasing their production capacities. What’s more than the insightful vision of the upcoming electric cars, i.e., to improve the traveling experience without damaging the environment? With the potential of AI and human collaboration, it is estimated that in another decade, electric vehicles number will rise to about 1450 times that of what’s running today. The article will take you to the best electric cars to get launched in 2022, but before that, let’s look at the benefits of EVs.


Benefits of Electric Vehicles

  • Keeps a check on the Climate

The exhaust emissions reduce significantly in an electric vehicle, thereby reducing air pollution. You also have an option to convert your EV into an entirely sustainable form by using solar PV to charge the vehicle.


  • Lower Maintenance

A battery-electric vehicle is cheaper as it has fewer parts than a conventional petrol car. The concern should be dedicated preferably to the battery life.


  • Better Control on Energy

By managing the EV charging, people can effectively manage the demands for the electricity network. Also, as EVs can be charged sustainably, there is no dependence on fuel imports.


  • Easy To Drive

Everyone knows that electric cars bring convenience as they are sturdy on the road and protect well during accidents. The electricity supply disconnects from the battery when there is an accident and airbags open up.


EVs coming in 2022

The given models below will be running down on your roads in the next twelve months.


1. Ford F-150 Lightning

Ford has been selling superbly in the US for the last few decades. The ’22 Ford lightning edition has had already taken more than 200,000 reservations, the delivery of which is yet to start. While all the reservation is for personal purpose, the brand still keeps a section for commercial customers. The model has the 230 standard mile speed range and can extend up to 300 miles. The F-150 Pro version will provide many services like transmitting data on location, other EVs, self-battery charges, show driving patterns, etc. The cost of the EV starts from $39,974.




2. Hyundai IONIQ5

Donning its magnificent body and wheelbase, Hyundai is one of the most spacious EVs competing with Mach-E. Being Hyundai’s first EV, IONIQ is equipped with the best technology like advanced ADAS, AR Heads Up and also charges other EVs. Interestingly, the EV is very reasonably priced, starting from $40,000.


3. Mazda MX-30

The Japanese Mazda is one of the upcoming electric cars built around unique features. It’s priced significantly lower in between the ranges of $33000 to $ 36,500, and it delivers about 100 miles of range. The interiors are cool and comfortable and reflect sustainability, creating a peaceful ambiance for drivers and passengers.




4. BMW iX M60

BMW has surprised its audience with the release of its every model, the newest being the upcoming M60. The brilliant features would include reduced weight, superb brakes, better suspension, and bristling tech. The EV is supposed to hit about 62 miles per hour in about 4 seconds. What’s more? With this fantastic cabin with a 380-mile range and exceptional battery life, the EV is heftily priced at $106,095.


5. Maserati MC20

This supercar has a powertrain capable of more than 700 hp, reportedly going from 0-62 mph in about two seconds. Though it’s a bit heavier than its competitors, its digitized interior is fully spacious. The mechanical drive mode selector ensures a safe driving and unique experience for the passengers and drivers alike. The Italian-made audio system is bliss to the ears and adds to the luxury of this jaw-dropping gorgeous EV.




6. Polestar 3

Towards the end of 2021, Polestar released the teaser of its super sleek model of electric SUV, Polestar 3. Priced at around $75,000 and manufactured by the company that will manufacture Volvo XC90, this upcoming EV offers a standard 373-mile range and depict aerodynamic electric performance. With a new EV architecture and a catchy design, we are yet to get more updates on the features of this mysterious EV.


7. Subaru Solterra

Subaru is expected to have a 250-mile range and an all-weather, all-terrain traction system focusing on outdoor driving. The dual electric motors offer tremendous speed, convenience, and the twin liftgate manages airflow and ensures safe driving. This upcoming electric car is superfast; provides an enriched driving experience with the regenerative braking system and responsive sports mode. 




8. Fisker Ocean

If you love driving and want some entertainment, Fisker Ocean has the best model for you. With its 17.1-inch infotainment display, you can enjoy watching your best movies while traveling in this automatic 300-mile high-speed electric car. Ocean also has taken sustainability seriously since the car interior is all vegan and made from recycled materials.




Excited yet?

With the above upcoming electric cars in 2022-23, we cannot stop gushing over the amazing features. And it is a relief that we will not have to wait too long to experience the drive in one of these. Some may argue that some of these EVs are overpriced but doesn’t it take a lot to make dreams a reality? Plus, the makers must be applauded for the innovative techniques to make luxury a homecoming. Are you excited too?


We at OpenGrowth, are committed to keeping you updated with the best content on the latest trendy topics from any major field. Also, both your feedback and suggestions are valuable to us. So, do share them in the comment section below.

A believer of good things and pursuer of diverse avocation, she is a fiction lover and a simple writer. Supriti has a number of professions to her list and she feels challenges are the only answers to failures.


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