Best Free VPNs in 2021

Falak Chandna

22nd Mar'21
Best Free VPNs in 2021 | OpenGrowth

Most VPNs deliver specific services like intercepting your files between various points and shielding your IP address for where you are based.

Besides, the very first role is important for people traveling distant since the bulk of freely accessible Wi-Fi available at different places is unencrypted – and this VPN thing makes sure that anyone on the network cannot see what files the individual is sending.

The free VPN indeed sounds like a special prize – absolute transparency online, authenticated streaming of web pages, free browsing, and all of it without a penny. But is that what you can examine theoretically?

Well, It is crucial to understand the background before you trust a service that protects your online activities. How a free VPN operates? How can suppliers initially provide their services free of charge? And what concessions do you have to make in terms of features and security to save your own money?, are some of the doubts that one should clear beforehand.


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What Is A VPN?


VPN provides an encrypted connection between your device and a server that is operated by your VPN provider. Anyone that monitors the network that you use—including network owners—can not see what you are doing. Even the IP address would not be able to sell the anonymous user info, thereby preventing someone from doing something wrong with your data. 

Naturally, there is no flawless technology. If you leave the VPN server, the communication can be controlled and possibly recorded, particularly when you link to non-HTTPS pages. Although challenging, it is also possible to predict when you enter and when you exit the encrypted tunnel by complex timing algorithms.


How To Choose The Right VPN?


It's a good idea to try a handful to find out which one you like better, especially when it's about finding a free VPN service. Even though you have a free subscription, an outstanding VPN service should be easy to learn and intuitive and should not bring up too many hurdles. 

Here are the best free VPNs out there in the industry worth checking regarding the essentiality of privatizing your data by highlighting the security.






You are sure to have learned about NordVPN even though you don't know anything about virtual private networks. It has been broadcasted on TV, has sponsored sports teams, and is a leading company for seven years. Nord is not the way it once was, but it is still a fantastic service when it comes to competitive and reasonable pricing.


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The premium package of Windscribe is fantastic, which also includes its free VPN service. You will be able to brace 2GB of information for a month if you enroll, or 10GB of details if you have an email address. 

We also want you to choose from a range of servers, such as North America, Europe, Hong Kong and Turkey which have recently been introduced. Of course, once you update, a much wider range would be available, but with a free VPN, it's generous.


Express VPN


Express VPN


Express VPN has a wide variety of operating systems and configurations and is amongst the most common VPN providers globally. Windows, Mac, Linux, Routers, iOS, Apple, Chromebook, Kindle Fire, and even Nook tablets are among the devices that this service supports. Chrome and Firefox both have browser extensions. Plus, PlayStation and Apartment Screen, Xbox, the Amazon Fire TV, the Nintendo Switch work for ExpressVPN. More. Chromecast, Roku, and Nvidia Switch also have a manual setup option. And Hence, Express VPN makes it precise to secure your data as per the collaborative approach mentioned above.


Hotspot Shield VPN


Hotspot Sheild


The highest pay-for utilities on the Network and, of course, the number one slot in our quickest VPN tracker is Hotspot Shield. It is not surprising, therefore, that its free option is so common. 

Those on the free schedule are on just 500MB daily (so around 15GB per month). Although that may seem stringent, it is honestly one of the most accommodating limits as opposed to one or two in this list.  

Hence, If confidentiality is your main motivation, Hotspot is on the same spectrum, with the same 'military-degree encryption.' Besides safety, Hotspot Shield Free has also been tested for its use in an appreciated way. 


Hide. Me



Hide. Me has both paying and free VPN providers, which offer you 2GB of data to operate with every month. There are other drawbacks too: only one computer can be attached, and only 5 locations. On the plus side, this provider will nevertheless not limit the free user's access level. Also, Hide.Me guarantees that it does not store records and does not collect user data; therefore, it will not transfer data to third parties to obtain data, nor are there any advertisements online.


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