Best Startup Tools in 2022


7th Jan'22
Best Startup Tools in 2022 | OpenGrowth

“The smallest company in the world can look as larger as  the largest company on the web.” - Steve Jobs

The main motive of any entrepreneur or a  solopreneur is to keep their startup in a loop. There are times when they struggle with some unavoidable online situations. Even the statistics show that about ninety percent of startups fail in the first year due to several reasons. But technology has been a lifesaver for startups. The web world has problems with every solution. 

But imagine if you can enhance your efficiency with a few online tools? Several tools are available online for startups to minimize costs and develop the quality of work. Let's take a look!


Startup Tools for Founder 

Here are a few best tools for the founder to run and grow your startups. 


Squad Help 

Having a catchy name for the startup is important for its growth and online presence. Squad Help assists you in finding a perfect name for your business or a startup. Services are not limited to assisting you with just a brand name, but it also suggests the perfect name for the apps, book, product, and many more.  

You get a chance to get guided through a thousand experts and their agency naming process. You can also immediately purchase the available exclusive name for your startup.



Javelin is a platform for innovators. It is a one-stop solution for startups for customer development. The platform identifies customer needs and suggests new products; it is free to sign up and assist the product pre-designed survey in the market.


Startup tools


Google Analytics 

Whether a startup or a well-established business, every business has Google Analytics. The tool tracks the traffic on the website and gives you insights into the website's performance. 

As per the reports analyzed by the platform, you can change the strategies and shape your digital marketing tricks. As the name suggests, it is developed by Google. The tool is a must-have for startups since you need insight into the customer preferences to stand in the market. 



One of the severe reasons for the startup failure is not having adequate capital. Every startup needs a good amount of capital to survive and grow in the market. However, finding an investor is strenuous. It requires patients and months to find a good investor who can trust you and your business. 

But as mentioned earlier, technology has solutions to every problem. Foundersuite is one such platform that can help you raise funds. Moreover, it also offers a customer relationship management (CRM) tool to look after the investor funnel and venture capitalist database.



For the past few years, email marketing has gained popularity. It is said that Return on Investment (ROI) on email marketing is forty-two times. 

Managing emails can be a tough task. Therefore, most businesses rely on email automation tools to automate email marketing. Mailchimp makes the work easy by automating the mails for the marketing campaigns. 


Tools for startup



Hootsuite is one of the best social media marketing tools for startups. It is used across the globe by many renowned startups because of its user interference and affordable pricing plans. With its free plan, you can schedule up to thirty posts across any social media platform. It will also help you to measure the ROI of your social media campaign. 

The online platform tracks the impact of social media campaigns and also helps to link two different apps such as Mailchimp, Youtube, and other startup tools.



Hiring a creative designer or using any designing tool can go out of the set budget for a startup. Online visibility is important for a business to grow and to reach potential clients. You need to show the audience what you are doing and what services you are providing to them.

Penji can be used for all your digital designs. The tool offers a team of expert designers at your service at a nominal monthly fee to communicate ideas. 



Want to ask experts about your business idea? Then Clarity is just for you. Being crystal clear about a startup idea is the key to its growth. It is a place where you get constructive advice about your startup idea.

Clarity offers to interact with world-class industry experts. You can get an idea about what to do in a difficult situation, such as finding investors, making divisions, raising funds, and any other problem in the working. 



Crunchbase is another tool you can use early in the business. It helps you to connect with like-minded people to invest in your business. The platform gives you access to a huge database containing information about every startup, investor, and funding channel. Through this, you can find the best investment and growth opportunities for your startup.


Best tools for startups can give you business emails within seconds. You can search any domain and it will provide you with all the email addresses connected to it. With over 200 million email addresses indexed, it is one of the most powerful tools for finding email addresses. Therefore,  you get a chance to connect with experts relevant to your business.



Everyone has a hard time starting something new and unknown. The best way to come out of it successfully is to bring the resources available to you to use in innovative ways. Through these tools, you can grow your startup quickly. The above-listed tools can be proven helpful for the growth and expansion of the startup. 


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