Best Ways to Share Big Files in 2021

Sunny Samanta

14th Apr'21
Best Ways to Share Big Files in 2021 | OpenGrowth

So, the other day I had to send a sample video to a client but at the time of sending, I noticed that the video couldn’t be sent because of the file’s size. This is not the first time I found myself in a similar situation and certainly, most of you must have had a similar experience as well. It was at this moment, I decided to learn about the best ways to share big files. As I never again want to be in a similar situation and let’s be honest finding yourself in such a situation can be annoying and stressful as well. Therefore, in this article, I bring you some of the best ways to share files in 2021.


Data File Compressor


1. Compress the File

As the name suggests, this is a method in which you can share big files by compressing their size. It is a well known method that people have been using for quite some time and can be used in 2021 as well. When you compress a file, it reduces the amount of space that is needed to store it. Even the process of compressing files is simple to understand. You can check it below step by step:


  • Step-1: Create a folder
  • Step-2: Place all in it that you want to transfer.
  • Step-3: Right click on the folder you want to send.
  • Step-4: Select on the SEND TO and you will see the COMPRESSED (Zip Folder) option.
  • Step-5: Click on it and the files will be ready to be sent.


Pen Drive


2. USB Flash Drive

USB flash drives are another common method through which people have been sharing big files with each other such as friends and colleagues. USB flash drives offer a great range of sizes (from 2GB to 1TB) that you can purchase either offline or online and transfer big files with ease. Also, it is easy to use that you can see in the following steps below:


  • Step-1: Insert the USB Flash Drive into your computer.
  • Step-2: Wait for the computer to recognize the drive (This Process takes mostly just a few seconds).
  • Step-3: Either use the Drag and Drop method or right click on your mouse pad and select Send To option to transfer the files you want to send.


Virtual Private Network


3. Use a VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Normally, it is used to bypass the broadband traffic management restrictions placed by the internet service provider (ISP) or to safeguard your location from being tracked online. But did you know that it can be used for sharing big files as well? 

A lesser known fact about ISP’s is that they control upload bandwidth to restrict users from being able to upload huge files online. However, by using a VPN, you are, basically, encrypting your traffic to ensure that your online activities remain confidential and private. But besides this, you can also use it to share big files because your ISP cannot track meaning they cannot identify the size of the files and limit you from either sending or uploading them.

The only downside of using a VPN for your internet activities is that it slows down your internet speed substantially.


4. Jumpshare

If you browse online for free or paid online services to help you with uploading big files, you will find that Jumpshare is one of them. You can use Jumpshare to send up to 250 MB of files and record them as a shareable link. Now, anyone with this link can have access to your file content. Jumpshare is a great alternative to most email services that allow for only sharing of files with a 25 MB file limit. 

You can share files through Jumpshare by simply using the Drag and Drop option.




5. Make use of the Cloud Storage

Just like the USB Flash Drive and the file compressing option, uploading the files to the cloud storage is one of the most popular transfer methods for sharing files such as photos and videos. Some of the popular cloud services that you can use are Dropbox, Google Drive,, and One Drive. Each of these cloud storage services offers a large amount of space for storing files that are of various types. The best thing about cloud storage is that they are easily available and are fairly easier to use.


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