Blogs for Female Entrepreneurs to  Start Following Today 


23rd Feb'22
Blogs for Female Entrepreneurs to  Start Following Today  | OpenGrowth

“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.”- Michelle Obama. 

Time has changed! Women are no longer sitting at home doing house chores; they are stepping out. They are not only getting promoted to the business but also establishing their empire faster and brighter. Starting the journey as a female entrepreneur can feel isolating at times. Blogs can be a good source of support and inspiration for running, growing, and starting your business. 


10 Blogs for Female Entrepreneurs 

Whether you check these blogs daily or weekly, keeping an eye on them will help you approach different situations in business and life. Today, the list of blogs we have will help you grow your business in different ways. 


1. Female Entrepreneur Association 

The Female Entrepreneur Association is an online hub designed to inspire women around the globe. The blogs are written by Carrie Green, the founder of the female entrepreneur association blog. Her mission is to share her journey, lessons, and success stories as an entrepreneur who worked her way to financial freedom. 

Carrie also incorporates videos into the blog so readers can hear from her directly. She started this online support system to learn how other women stay motivated in their entrepreneurial journey. 


2. She Did It Her Way 

She Did It Her Way began as a podcast and expanded into a successful coaching business that helps women entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. 

It was founded by Amanda Boleyn, a full-time business owner. The blogs include practical tips to help women entrepreneurs with business efficiency and personal growth. As we know, every journey is different. Therefore, the blog covers a range of topics to help women create their businesses regardless of all the hardship. 


3. Classy Career Girl 

Classy Career Girl is an e-learning platform for women to build their careers. They provide training to help women searching for a job or planning to start a new business. 

The founder, Anna Runyan, envisioned a hub where everything women needed, from career to life balance, could be found in one place. It is a global community with members around the world that includes podcasts, blogs, and membership plans. The podcast includes training sessions, interviews, success stories, and other inspiring topics. The blogs cover topics like job searching, virtual entrepreneurship, leadership, social media, and money. 

The membership plan includes the Corporate Rescue Plan and the Love Your Career Formula. The Corporate Rescue Plan is for those trying to hustle into a full-time business, and the second plan is for women trying to land and build their dream job. You can purchase any of the plans to stay focused, goal-oriented, and motivated. 


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4. Ladies Make Money 

Ladies Make Money is a guide to help women make money online. With the increase in remote work, this is a great blog for women looking to make money in creative fields. Whether you are willing to work abroad or find ways to improve your financial health, Ladies Make Money makes it possible. It is also an excellent resource for learning how to start and grow a successful blog yourself. 


5. Punched Clocks 

Punched Clocks is a leading millennial career expert to empower women globally. It was founded by passionate career developer Sahar Landrum. Her mission is to share her advice on how to build a happy and successful career and life.

It has grown to become a leading career advice blog, especially for women. The blogs cover starting a business, growing a business, and handling career changes. Moreover, it covers skills like leadership, communication, and negotiation, along with lifestyle skills. 


6. Leaders in Heels 

Leaders in Heels is an online community and stationery brand that aims to make female entrepreneurs' lives easier. It covers tips on careers, business, confidence building, and relationship management. Apart from these major topics, the blog covers business-specific tips related to blogging, e-commerce, startups, web development, social media, finance, and many more. 

The brand also sells planners, journals, and notebooks that are beautifully crafted. The vintage notebooks include inspirational quotes and ways to help you stay organized and goal-oriented. 


Blogs for female entrepreneurs


7. Women 2.0 

Women 2.0 was created to “not just push the conversation forward by taking and encouraging direction around equity and equality.” The blog covers topics like investing, fundraising, startups, technology, and workplace trends. It also features a job board and employer training resources that are beneficial to both employers and employees. 


8. Work at Home Woman 

After becoming a mom, it becomes tough to maintain a work-life balance. Work at Home Woman is developed by mom and businesswoman Holly Reisem Hanna. This blog empowers women to lead successful careers without leaving the house and their families. 

Due to pandemics, the content has become more useful now as most workplaces have adapted to work from home operations. This blog is filled with actionable advice that includes launching a home-based business and starting a remote side hustle. 


9. Women Who Startup 

Women Who Startup is a learning platform for a global community of women entrepreneurs and innovators. The platform aims to bring “collaboration and rapid-learning to female entrepreneurs and innovators who are committed to building successful companies.” Apart from blogs, they also offer virtual networking monthly events with perks for their members. 


10. Women on Business 

Women on Business was founded by Susan Gunelius, who has over twenty years of experience in the marketing field. It aims to increase the discussion between male and female business thought leaders. 

The founder, Susan, says, “ The most valuable piece of advice that I can give women in business is to get out of your way. Don’t let fear, a lack of confidence, or humility get in your way. Instead, own your intelligence and your ambition.”



There are tons of incredible and inspiring female entrepreneurs we follow and admire. Blogs written by budding female entrepreneurs are a great way to learn and grow in business. It provides insights into the unique perspective of starting a business in the entrepreneurial journey.

 We at OpenGrowth, are committed to keeping you updated with the best content on the latest trendy topics from any major field. Also, both your feedback and suggestions are valuable to us. So, do share them in the comment section below.

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