Book Review: Will It Fly By Pat Flynn

Book Review: Will It Fly By Pat Flynn | OpenGrowth

About the Author: Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn was the Superintendent of Gorey Garda District, County Wexford, which brought Arklow, Jack White's Pub, and Catherine Nevin under his management. Although he led various murder investigations in his business, none had the notoriety of the Nevin case. He has since resigned and proceeds to live in Wexford.


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About the Book: 

Stop rushing into companies born from half-baked ideas, deceived theories, and other aspects of self-delusion. A lack of proper validation kills more industries than anything else. As Joel Barker says, “Speed is only useful if you’re running in the right direction.” Will It Fly? will help you make sure you are clear for takeoff. It answers questions like:

  • Does your career idea have merit?
  • Will it achieves in the market you’re trying to serve, or will it just be a waste of time and aids?
  • Is it a reasonable idea for you?


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Will It Fly? will question you to think critically, act deliberately, and dare largely. You can think of the book as your industry flight manual, something you can relate to for honest and straightforward advice as you commence to test your idea and build the Best business that takes off and soars.


In five parts, Will It Fly? will guide you through the assurance of your next business idea:

  • Part one, Mission Design, assists you in making sure your target idea aligns with and benefits your goals starting from zero to one.

  •  Part two, Development Lab, walks you through uncovering significant details about your idea that you haven't even thought about.

  •  Part three, Flight Planning, is all about examining current market conditions.
  •  Part four, Flight Simulator, concentrates on the substantial validating and testing of an idea with a small component of a target market.
  • Finally, Part five, All Systems Go, is for the final calculation to help you make sure your idea is one you are ready to move forward with.


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