Brand Identity Makeover: Refreshing Your Image for the Modern Audience

Roshni Khatri

12th Aug'23
Brand Identity Makeover: Refreshing Your Image for the Modern Audience | OpenGrowth

We are familiar with the power of branding because of our expertise in successfully assisting several firms in brand development and rebranding. Your brand may expand if you redesign at the proper moment and with the correct approach. Branding encompasses far more than just your business's visuals and logo. Brand strategy and storytelling are the foundation of a powerful brand. Giving things structure and an origin through a clear and appealing brand story may help make them more desirable. When an organization sells goods, it is also selling a narrative. Customers buy into this narrative when they purchase goods. 

When your company's name is built on a solid purpose, it appeals to the correct audience and all of its elements just appear to fit together. You should think about changing things up for an intentional makeover when you begin to notice a lag or gap between your company's image and its connection to it or when your identity fails to represent its genuine core. Besides this, you should also know about experiential marketing as it is an emerging trend that can guide you in business growth and modernizing brand identity. 


Brand Identity Makeover

Re-positioning involves making structural changes to a brand to reinforce, recreate, and rethink the present brand connection and enable the emergence of new perceptions about the brand. Changing the organizational image of the brand is another term for rebranding. It involves altering the way your brand appears, feels, functions, and connects to the public.

Rebranding is more than just changing your company's name, logo, or other aesthetic components. It is of higher significance when your brand gets an inside-out facelift. The identity of your business is made up of all the written, spoken, and visual components connected to it. Rebranding does not include redesigning your logo, packaging, typography, website, or any other individual component. Rebranding, on the other hand, refers to a major modification of the brand's underlying structure that binds the identity of the brand collectively. 

The most precious asset you have as a startup or small business owner is your brand identity. It serves as the public face of your organization, the first thing customers see, and the cornerstone of its reputation. However, as your company expands and changes, your brand identity could also become stale and in need of an update. 



How to Update Brand Image?

Beginning a rebranding process may be exciting and challenging. You should take the following actions to ensure that your brand refresh strategies lead to a smooth transition: 

1. Plan your objectives

Before you start updating your brand, like with any effective marketing plan or effort, you'll need to have some well-defined goals. The decision to go through a brand makeover shouldn't be made out of boredom. You must first determine if now is the proper moment to adjust your company's direction to match what your consumers need and want. Setting objectives will enable you to focus on the areas that need improvement and will give you a tool to assess the success or failure of your project. Write out your goals for the refresh so that your team can refer to them going forward. Decide what you want to accomplish with the refresh. 

These objectives can be to engage your current consumers, generate new leads, modernize your company's appearance to match a new product release, or alter your voice and tone to better suit your market. The goals of each firm will vary based on their needs, but the important thing is to establish a strong set of goals to use as a guide as you determine what needs to change.  Thus it assists you in revamping your brand identity. 


2. Determine what is and isn't effective

Since you aren't completely changing your brand identity, you must assess what is already working for your brand and what needs to be changed. Your list of objectives should assist you in pinpointing your company's identity's weak spots, but conducting a brand audit is an essential next move to determine precisely what needs to change. 

Form an internal team to evaluate the current assets for your brand. These consist of your goal statement, values statement, voice and tone papers, visual assets like your website, logo, typeface, color scheme, and content management options. Find out what your consumers enjoy and dislike about your brand, as well as any areas of discomfort they may have, by asking for and incorporating their input into your products. 


3. Consider your intended audience

To make sure your brand is appealing to new customers and coordinated with your target market, one of the primary motivations to do an overhaul of the brand is to do so. Now is the moment to develop buyer personas for your brand, if you haven't already. If so, it's time to review them since your ideal consumers will evolve, just as ideals and businesses do.

Create a particular individual for each of the 2-3 target demographics you'd want to see purchasing your goods or using your services. Consider each persona as a genuine person and describe their traits. For a better understanding of what your refresh needs to include, try responding to these queries for each personality. 


4. Analyze your rivals

Spend some time examining how your main rivals present themselves and discover if any aspects of their brand identity have lately been updated. Utilize this study to spot market trends and learn which elements of brand identity are most valued in your business. However, avoid trying to imitate or replicate specific elements of other brands' identities. You want your brand refresh to set you apart from your rivals and present a compelling argument to potential clients about why your company fits more closely to their objectives. 



After finishing your internal refresh but before launching, conduct a secondary analysis to confirm that your new brand identity is truly yours. Do a quick Google search using the names of some of your largest rivals and your new message points and values. Are your ideals and messages wholly unique to you? Great! You're prepared to launch your brand update into the public eye. However, if you discover a lot of overlap with your rivals, you should reconsider some of the most prevalent elements and look for approaches to make them exclusive and particular to your brand. 

Besides this, you should adhere to the essentials of brand communication as it can guide you to establish a great network with your target audience.  


In conclusion, imagine it as a personal makeover that changes how someone is regarded, such as a fresh haircut, trendy dress, and stylish shoes. The same holds for your brand. Recognizable visual components can be kept or updated during a refresh. Or a new appearance, tone, and presentation of the overall fashion will gain new acceptance. A brand renewal preserves the visual association between the previous and current brand identities and it also assists you in rebranding for the modern market. However, the "updated suit" revamp is modern, colorful, and created for viewers today.

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