Bringing a Sense of Touch to Virtual Reality

Bringing a Sense of Touch to Virtual Reality | OpenGrowth

In recent years, virtual reality’s ability to create artificial worlds has come a long way. Forthwith, new technology could make those worlds even more realistic by imitating one of the most integral ways in which we experience things that are by touching and feeling things.

The virtual reality sector is struggling to gain commercial grip. The latest virtual reality headsets are able to haul people to impressive virtual worlds. But the technology relies primarily on our senses of sight and hearing to create these illusions, which means they still lack realism.

In the coming future, a new lightweight, flexible, and wirelessly-powered synthetic skin could soon change that. A 15-centimetre-square patch was developed in North-western University that can be stuck onto any part of the body and use actuators that vibrate against the skin to simulate tactile sensations. And hopefully, this will bring a sense of touch to virtual reality.


Tactile Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a computer-generated simulation in which a person can communicate within an artificial 3D environment using special electronic devices, such as special goggles with a screen or gloves fitted with sensors.

In the sector of virtual reality, a sense of touch is being developed for more advancement in the article world. A tactile virtual reality is considered to be a study of active somatosensation.

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Making of virtual reality tactile:

Augmented and virtual reality is going to transform healthcare. But in a world where so much is relayed through touch, can we truly create an immersive healthcare experience. To know more, Click here

Haptic skin creates a sense of virtual touch:

Researchers design flexible membranes to make virtual reality more tactile. To read more about it, Click here

Tactile virtual reality study:

Natural exploration of textures involves active sensing, i.e., voluntary movements of tactile sensors (e.g., human fingertips or rodent whiskers) across a target surface. Somatosensory input during moving tactile sensors varies according to both the movement and the surface texture. To understand more about it, Click here

All about haptic technology:

Virtual and mixed reality technology has mastered fooling our brains into believing virtual environments and the objects inside them are really right in front of us. To read more, Click here


New Virtual Reality Interface

Virtual reality is a new field coming up with different and interesting interfaces involving several sense organs. In recent times, it will be coming up with bringing a sense of touch in visual reality.

New Virtual Reality Interface enables Touch across long distances. Lightweight, flexible patch conveys a tactile sensation directly to the skin.

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New virtual reality interface enables touch:

Adding a sense of touch can make virtual reality experiences feel more real. To read more, Click here

Interface reality:

In this article, an initial evaluation of the AR interface including some initial results is presented. To read it, Click here

Virtual reality got real, new interface:

This new shoulder mounted device with multiple strings attached to the hand and fingers will let you have the most life-like experience through haptic-feedbacks and let you feel of a sculpture’s contours, sense resistance while moving furniture and even give a high five to a character in the virtual world. To know more, Click here


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Future Technology in the World of Tactile VR

The future of virtual reality is quite broad and seen at a high pace. Virtual Reality is one of the technologies with the highest projected potential for development. 

According to the latest forecasts from IDC Research, investment in VR and AR will multiply 21-fold over the next 4 years, reaching 15.5 billion euros by 2022.

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Future technology:

Augmented reality technology has seen unprecedented growth in 2020 and continues to do so in 2021. Commercial use of the technology has exploded due to use by market leaders like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon. According to MarketsandMarkets, the market for AR technology is worth $15.3 billion. To know more, Click here

Future of Haptic virtual reality:

What do you think of when you hear VR (Virtual Reality)? Many people imagine a form of entertainment where you wear a headset and experience a virtual space visually. However, VR is not just a visual experience. To know more, Click here

Adding virtual reality:

The word haptic refers to the sense of touch, the sense felt by humans upon touching an object. In technical terms, haptic refers to the sense of touch through feedback technology while interacting with computers. To discover more about it, Click here

Future of artificial touch sensation:

This article reviews the technology behind creating artificial touch sensations and the relevant aspects of human touch. To know more, Click here


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