Build an 8-Bit Home Computer With 5 Chips

Computers have existed a long time ago as compared to the transistor in a mechanical and theoretical manner. The actual definition of a computer was deemed up by a very intelligent person by the name of Alan Turing. He called a machine that was termed the Turing Machine. Every computer that we use now, from the PC or smartphone that you are reading this on to supercomputers all can be categorized as a Turing Machine at their most simple level.


8 bit computer


There’s one thing persistently appealing about 8-bit computing is that you can put together a self-contained system that’s powerful enough to be user friendly however easy enough to create and program all by yourself. Most 8-bit machines engineered by hobbyists nowadays are powered by a classic central processing unit from the heroic age of home computers within the 1980s, once immeasurable spare TVs were commandeered as displays. 


What are the Requirements?

Clock module.


Arithmetic logic unit (ALU)

Random access memory (RAM) module.

Program counter.

Output register.

Bringing it all together.

CPU control logic.

A power supply

Breadboards + lots of wires

LED's for output


Digital multimeter

EEPROM programmer

Sonic screwdriver


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There’s something persistently appealing about 8-bit computing: You can put together a self-contained system that’s powerful enough to be user friendly but simple enough to build and program all by yourself. Read More


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